1st Submarine Museum Park in Greece

1st Submarine Museum Park in Greece
A submarine museum-park of 2,500 square kilometers is under construction in the Northern Sporades and the West Pagasitikos Gulf of Greece.

The site since 1996 has characterized as “underwater archaeological site,” but work is ongoing and it’s expected to open in to the public in 2015.

It is an amazing underwater museum, where ten shipwrecks have been awaiting in silence for the adventurous ones, with whom they will be able to share their secrets.

Within the framework of this majestic project of Thessaly, which amounts to 1,600,000 euros, people are now given the opportunity for the first time in Greece to live such an experience and explore the underwater world.

Thessaly Governor Kostas Agorastos, characterized the project as ambitious and innovative, the implementation of which will also constitute a development tool for Northern Sporades and West Pagasitikos, and generally for Thessaly.

He said it will be also proven significant over the tourist season extension, lead to more visitors, strengthen both the financial growth and environmental protection, as well as promote and protect the underwater life and cultural heritage.


  1. As a hellene NOT living in Ellada, I was shocked when I visited, sought to hire diving gear, and was faced with 100 Euro for half an hour. Really? I could buy a snorkel and fins for muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh less and dive without tanks. i am an ex Australian Navy diver but if you want tourists to visit such great parks then you must look at the cost


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