Greece’s Beaches for Nude Lovers

Greece’s Beaches for Nude Lovers

Greek beaches for nude
While topless sunbathing can be found almost everywhere in Greece, true nude beaches are a little harder to find. Greece has an abundance of bare sand beaches, some much barer and better than others.

Nude swimming, otherwise known as “skinny dipping” or “naturism,” is a controversial practice and a way of life that definitely does not appeal to everyone’s taste.

However, it is a widespread trend which actually aims at bringing human beings in closer contact with nature and it seems to be attracting more and more people eager to realize “the non-vulgar and non-sexual nudity experience,” as its enthusiasts describe it.

If you have never been to a nude beach before, you will probably not be able to fully understand the mentality behind it. It is not about offending anyone, especially those who insist on wearing their swimsuits while enjoying their time at the seashore, but rather about the personal sensation of getting in touch with the forces of nature without any barriers between you and them.

Well, if you ever wish to give it a shot, here are some of the best places to be naked in Greece.

Banana Beach on Skiathos: Famed beach for both nude and non-nude sunbathers, this stretch of pebbles enchants  visitors and fresh spring water attracts long-term visitors.

Red Beach, Crete: Crete ranks first in offering sandy beaches to people wishing to live outside the standardized moral rules of modern society. Located in southern Crete and some 25 minutes away from Matala, Red Beach is hidden behind a rocky hill and a fence and provides a little heaven for naked swimmers. Tranquil and isolated, you need to take your own towel and provisions when going there for a swim in the hot summer season.

Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos: Mykonos is mostly known for its 24-hour-long partying, but nudists can as well enjoy their dives next to their fancy cocktails. One of the oldest naturist-friendly beaches in Greece, yet overcrowded offers a cheap summer solution because of the nearby camping site.

Ai Giannis Beach, Mykonos : A famous (and somewhat nude) beach on Mykonos island, where the movie Shirley Valentine was shot.

Kastelia beach, Karpathos: Though conservative locals are appalled, there is a nude beach on Karpathos as well. It is known as Kastellia and is located just beyond the popular pair of beaches known as Micra and Megali Amopi. A bus from Pigadia will take you to the Amopi beaches.

Finally, Psaraliki Beach, Antiparos: Psaraliki consists of two beaches, Psaraliki I and II. The second beach gathers fewer people during the summer season, making it the ideal place for nudists. Despite the stony beach, non-nudists also visit Psaraliki II to relax.

  • Dean Plassaras

    Oh good. I was wondering where our politicians pursuing naked policies go for their vacation.

  • Deep_Sea_Diver

    They left out the Faliraki nudist beach on Rhodes

  • Tonto

    As austerity continues in Greece you will see a lot more beaches turn “swimsuit-optional.” If for no other reason than people can not even afford a new bathing suit.

    But watch out, nude bathers, soon the government will be taxing you on the amount of flesh you are showing on the sand. It will be known as the “bare-ass tax.”

  • Dean Plassaras

    Either that or taxing the unborn is a better one.

  • Tonto

    Don’t laugh. We re nt far from the “head-tax” which used to be charged to every living Greek by the Turks. The only way of evading that tax was to lose your head.

  • danny

    i am a nudist lover

  • GeronimoVBM

    In this age of camera phones, one must wonder why nude beaches still have allure. I for one will keep my fig leaf firmly in place.

  • Alithia

    You think these nudist beaches are paradise …until you get a glimpse of a 90 year old woman or a 400 pound lard ass…….*cries*

  • jimt

    much easier to pee in the ocean when nuda:)

  • Curzon Dax

    They are not intended for horny sexists, sorry.

  • Curzon Dax

    Turk or Slav detected.


    cool. mark it and will go there with my nudist partner someday

  • Craig Williams

    That is exactly WHY they are paradise… People can be themselves and realise that everyone is beautiful regardless of age, size, weight, etc. Naturists are warm, accepting people who can look past such things, unlike close-minded people like yourself.

  • barbie

    the info on mykonos is not right . the 3 beaches mentioned above are 100 percent textile and not nude . the info must be from the 70′s or 80′s