Nouvelle Vague in Athens in September

    98D9FA2D3A6A20A6475D702E477B2BB9Two years after their triumphant appearance in Greece, the Parisian band Nouvelle Vague, is coming back to Athens on September 13 at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens and promise another unforgettable night.

    The explosive Liset Alea will be with them and the band’s authentic voice, Melanie Pain, will open the night, presenting her first personal work. The Greek diva of the electronic music scene, Olga Kouklaki, will be the night’s special guest.

    The Nouvelle Vague started from Paris, but soon their reputation went beyond the borders of France. Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux are two of the most versatile musicians-producers of the French scene over the last 14 years (with discography on valid labels, such as F Communications, Output, Naïve etc.). When their paths led to a common point, they decided to form a creative and eclectic group, a cooperative of artists, aiming to honor their teenage sounds. Eight singers (six French women, a Brazilian New Yorker woman) with great voices, who brought a new fresh musical air, contributed to the final result.

    The Nouvelle Vague kept the melodic core of timeless punk and post punk compositions from new wave bands, such as Joy Division, Clash, Dead Kennedys, XTC, Cure, Depeche Mode and others, and they did remakes using simple, acoustic orchestrations reminiscent of the style of bossa nova, of jazz in the 50’s and pop in the 60’s. In their fourth album, but the first released by Barclay Records, they are influenced by the French new wave which spread over the whole country in the 70’s and in the early 80’s. So the lineup of female vocals was quite diversified in comparison to what we had become accustomed to, with every song being interpreted by a female singer of the contemporary French scene, by singers who had grown up with the songs of the 70’s and the 80’s, which they love to sing.

    The band has toured all over the world over the past years, capturing their audience wherever they were.

    This is exactly what they promise to do on September 13 in Athens, with incredible enthusiasm and a mood to communicate with the audience, luring people into dancing and singing, challenging them to follow along with their favorite songs.


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