Greeks Start Liking U.S. Again

indexAccording to a recent survey carried out by Kappa Research for the newspaper To Vima tis Kiriakis, the public opinion in Greece shows many abandoning a long-standing anti-American feeling.

To the question “Given the present political and economic circumstances, with which countries you think Greece should develop closer relations?” some 48.2 percent  of the people participating in the survey said with Russia, 45.9 percent to China and 40.7 percent the USA. In 2010, only 12.2 percent of Greeks favored America.

In contrast, very low were the percentages for the United Arab Emirates (12.6 percent), Germany (11.6 percent) and France (10.4 percent.) Greeks were very favorable toward U.S. President Barack Obama, giving him a 66.8 percent rating, higher than in his own country, while only 25.5 percent had a negative view.

There was a very high percentage of people having a positive opinion for the American universities (88.6 percent), American products and technology (85.6 percent), the USA as a holiday destination (72.5 percent) and the American people (61.3 percent).

However, Greeks still don’t like American policy even though they like Obama. Only 27.6 percent had a positive opinion of American foreign policy and only 27 percent for the American lifestyle and values.

Finally, to the question of whether Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras” visit this month to the U.S. to meet Obama and political and business leaders, including those in the Diaspora was a success, 43.1 percent said yes while 40.3 percent answered no, making a wash of the visit.

The Kappa Research survey was conducted during the period Aug. 9-13 with a sample of 857 people.


  1. As I said before there is no “we” or “us” here troll-ski. As a NON-Greek you do not speak for Greeks. Its unfortunate you cannot understand moving to China does not make you ethnic Chinese. Moving to Israel does not make you Jewish. Moving to Spain does not make you ethnic Spanish. Moving to America does not make you ethnic Apache.

    You are mentally ill if you cannot distinguish between an ethnic group/culture and a geography/citizenship.

  2. Are you really surprised? This is Greek Reporter after all (i.e. leftist idiots that have no idea that some of their foreign “comrades” are trying to subtlety ethnically erase Greeks by supporting FYROM).

  3. BIINGO.

    The Greek entitlement mentaility is not protable. You don’t work in a foreign country, you starve or if you are lucky, live in poverty.

  4. Another BINGO.

    I had businesses in three countries and by far, the most difficult employees were in my Greek operation……and it was the first to go.

    Between the corruption and the excuses of the empoyees to find any reason not to work, I couldn’t keep up. What was a very profitable 40% margin business in t he other two countries became a break even business in Greece. When they converted to the Euro and I had some competition from other countries, I bled money.

  5. Too bad for those Greeks.

    The carnage around the world is partly the result of uSA failed global leadership and usa sponsored wars.

    See my reports on how our culture is become one of the most evil places to dwell in the history of the world.

    Violence as a virus:


    Failed leadership and traitors within:





  6. If the the 60% unemployed youth were living in some other country their parents would have kicked them out of their house. In Greece, the lazy retards go out with their friends for coffees every night where they rant how their lack of a job is because the “man” is oppressing them.

    Unfortunately a large segment of our society has been brought by far leftists morons that shamelessly teach their own children that the government is supposed to be some sort of nanny for them rather than teach them to focus on education and work.

  7. Too bad we don’t have more Greeks like your dad and you. We have to push on and create more Greeks like you until Greece is once against safe.

  8. I’ve noticed you have changed the Australian flag to the US one in the avator… Greeks are so smart. Loool. Morons

  9. America runs the world.. if your against them your country is more than likely going to be bombed. Any country that has had better relations with china and russia has been or is currently going through a humanitarian crisis example. Serbia, lybia, iran and right now syria. Even look at greece’s situation since 09 there relationship with israel has improved which is making america happy and with the pressure imposed by the imf the country is losing its sovereignty


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