Road Accidents in Greece Decreased in June

    roaddeathsRoad accidents in Greece resulting in death or injuries presented a decline of 8,3 percent in June 2013 compared to the same month in 2012, and reached the number of 1,082.

    According to provisional data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on August 30, in these accidents there were 77 deaths compared to 84 last June (a reduction of 8,3%), 132 seriously injured compared to 151 in 2012 (12,6%) and 1.211 slightly injured compared to 1,319 last year (an 8,2% reduction).

    The biggest number of accidents occurred in Attica with 541 incidents, accounting for 21 deaths.

    Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in Greece, claiming an average of over 1,000 lives per year.


    1. This is the most welcome statistic I have heard for the past 6 years in Greece. It was becoming equivalent to a war-zone with over 25 souls lost each weekend on the Greek highways (over 100 per month).

      Perhaps the crises has curbed people just out driving mindlessly as a from of entertainment. Possibly it has subsided due to the price of gas–and the shortage of funds. Whatever, lives are being saved in great numbers. Traffic fatalities in this country, in spite of people trying to blame it on the poor conditions of the roads has always been more about driver arrogance, ignorance and impatience. The low regard and enforcement of traffic laws has also been to blame for what was, for a while, the most fatal country in Europe to drive in. When I first moved to Greece, there wasn’t one family I met who didn’t have at least one tragic story to tell. Glad to see that is turning around.

    2. It’s a phoney stat. People can’t afford to drive.

      I want to see the real stat of deaths per kilometers driven. I bet it’s no different then it was before.

    3. Regardless of “deaths to kilometers driven”–if the death toll drops over 8% year on year in this country, it’s a positive improvement. How can the saving of lives be “phony”?

    4. It’s not “saving” lives. It’s simply less time at risk. If Greeks didn’t drive at all, there would be no lives lost. This is one of those brainless articles that simply reports a statistic but ignores the reason why.

      I can assure you that driving in Greece is a joke. Rules are what the other guy should follow, not the driver himself. This like riding with helmets is a joke that not even cops follow. I am actually laughed at when I ride with full gear. There are car and motorcycle racing at night…..and nobody cares until there is an accident.

      That is why I say the stats are phoney.

    5. OK. I see your point.
      It is amazing how people consider all laws in this country an “optional” issue–and traffic laws are the most ignored. A red light is only the “choice” to stop or not. The compulsion by motorists to always pass another driver here will put everyone’s lives in danger each time the idiot passes on a blind curve or tries to beat the guy to the next intersection. The typical “Greek driver” also has the notion that since the car is his/hers, so is the road. This “ownership”–“Get out of my way” perception also causes accidents on stretches of roadway that should never have happened.

      Picture giving all the spoiled 10 year-olds in this country a high performance car and telling them to get somewhere before all the others–and you have the scenario of driving in Greece.


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