1,000 Lifers in Greek Prisons

keli1Greece seems to have the largest number of lifers than any other European country, recording an unprecedented record of 1,000.

Other European countries have only a few dozen lifers, such as the Netherlands – with a population of 17 million – which has only 90 lifers and Germany which has 140. Other European countries have only a small number, except for Italy which has 1,600.

The new Penal Code which will be submitted to a vote in the Greek Parliament provides a limit on the imposition of life imprisonment.

The imposition of life sentence and the fact that this is the maximum sentence for most offenses – mostly economic offenses in recent years – has increased the number of life prisoners, who have reached 1,000.


  1. Yes but life in prison is not like the USA which means life without parole. I believe here it’s realistically 30 years with good behavior. I could be wrong but that’s what I’ve been told by many Greeks over the years. However, some folks that have killed and willfully killed need to stay in prison for their natural life.


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