500,000 Visitors to Zakynthos this Summer

F59AF3D32450ECB76AE3868762A7BC62About 55,000 more foreign tourists arrived on the Greek island of Zakynthos during the first eight months of the year, compared to the same period of 2012, according to data from the Civil Aviation Authority.

With an average increase of more than 16%, this year the island was visited  by 393,059 tourists in contrast to last year with 337,474 visitors.

The largest percentage increase was recorded in the arrivals from Russia (142 %) , Poland ( 67.63 % ), Italy ( 65.74 %) , the Netherlands ( 51.88 %) , Belgium ( 47.17 %) and Germany (42, 55), while the traditional and large market of Great Britain, which always comes first in arrivals, had only a slight increase of 2.14 %.

Despite the large increase in tourism from abroad, domestic tourism, moving mainly from the port of Kyllini to Zakynthos has significantly reduced.

According to data given to ANA –MPA by the Port Authority of Zakynthos, the number of passengers who moved from Kyllini to Zakynthos fell by about 10 % during August and this obviously reflects the decline of domestic tourism to the island because of the known financial problems which have affected Greek families.



  1. So there were actually 393k visitors and not 500k.

    Zakinthos is nice but I can’t stand going there in the summer because of the British Trash. England is basically the armpit of Europe

  2. I’m British and I live in a nice part of England with nice neighbours, but when I was living in Zakynthos for a few years I was embarrassed by the British tourists especially in Laganas. They are basically human shite and bring shame on us. Unfortunately the same can be seen in some of our cities. Luckily this “underclass” does not reach my neighbourhood. We belong to the type of more sophiticated and cultured British people who visit Kefalonia for example.

  3. ..and looking at those figures you will soon be saying that Russia is the armpit. Essentially, by offering ‘nightclub scum tourism’ you attract precisely the least appealing people. You might have been better sticking to an olive economy.


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