New Cuts in Pensions

    anergiaInsurance funds will proceed to reductions in pensions and benefits, because of the adverse financial conditions caused by recession and unemployment.

    According to the head of the federation of employees in Greece, the average pension will suffer a reduction of 10 %, the subsidiary pension a reduction of 30%, while the one-off allowance will be completely removed.

    Employees of the Ministry of Labor announced several five-day strikes starting from September 16 to protest against the temporary lay-offs of 600 employees.

    According to organized labor workers of the Manpower Employment Organization, the unemployed in Greece exceed 1,000,000. The organization avoids announcing this number publicly, since unemployment data have not been announced since last May.


    1. Cuts should be passed into all sectors including government employees and parliament workers…It is unjust to just cut pensions…Enough is enough…


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