Free Medicine For the Poor and Uninsured

medicineOn September 10, the Health Ministry and the industry representatives signed an agreement for distributing free medicine to the poor and uninsured, in order to create a network of free medicine distributors, which will operate along similar lines to food banks.

According to Greek media reports, the scheme aims to enhance the Health Ministry’s effort to provide the poor and uninsured with free medical care through vouchers, which have been distributed so far to 10,600 recipients.

However, the medicine provided through the voucher scheme wasn’t free, something which will be covered by the new scheme. The scheme will be supervised and run by the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, which have undertaken the collection of drug donations and the distributing of drugs.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health is drafting a bill in order to limit the cost of generic drugs, providing incentives to doctors and pharmacists to promote their use.


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