PAOK Fans Attack Golden Dawn HQ

EPEISODIA1_510_355The “war” between the fans of the Thessalonian association football club PAOK FC and Golden Dawn seems to have gotten even worse after the incident with the Albanian footballer Ergys Kace.

On Sept 4, Kace uploaded a photo on his personal Facebook account wearing a T-shirt of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK). A few days ago, Golden Dawn published a provocative announcement against PAOK  footballer Ergys Kace.

On the afternoon of September 11 (shortly after 18:00) PAOK fans attacked with stones the central headquarters of Golden Dawn in Thessaloniki at Kazatzaki Street in reaction to Golden Dawn’s announcement.

The young men on motorbikes caused material damage with the stones they threw. As passers-by stated, small clashes occurred as the supporters of Golden Dawn that were in the offices at the time came out on the street to face PAOK fans.

The police arrived on the scene and arrested 40 people. No report of injury has been made so far. The detainees were transferred to the Police Department of Democracy Square in Thessaloniki, while draconian security measures have been taken in the region.