PAOK Fans Attack Golden Dawn HQ

EPEISODIA1_510_355The “war” between the fans of the Thessalonian association football club PAOK FC and Golden Dawn seems to have gotten even worse after the incident with the Albanian footballer Ergys Kace.

On Sept 4, Kace uploaded a photo on his personal Facebook account wearing a T-shirt of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK). A few days ago, Golden Dawn published a provocative announcement against PAOK  footballer Ergys Kace.

On the afternoon of September 11 (shortly after 18:00) PAOK fans attacked with stones the central headquarters of Golden Dawn in Thessaloniki at Kazatzaki Street in reaction to Golden Dawn’s announcement.

The young men on motorbikes caused material damage with the stones they threw. As passers-by stated, small clashes occurred as the supporters of Golden Dawn that were in the offices at the time came out on the street to face PAOK fans.

The police arrived on the scene and arrested 40 people. No report of injury has been made so far. The detainees were transferred to the Police Department of Democracy Square in Thessaloniki, while draconian security measures have been taken in the region.


  1. Go the Golden Dawn. In every European country on the planet. We are being flooded with non European immigrants. this is genocide supported from the beginning by Jews and now even the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Golden Dawn stands against Genocide they are a moral force.

  2. The Golden Dawn are merely a group of parastate neonazis belonging to the police, the secret services and the “deep state” that was represented by a humiliating 0,29% in previous elections, before the police and the church chose to support this groupuscule in order to blame the crisis on the “others” (immigrants, homosexuals, the urban poor etc) and to keep pursuing their interest in the Greek cleptocracy, followed by a bunch of rednecks that think hunting down and stabbing poor people to death is “glorious” for their KKK-like ideals. The PAOK ultras want merely their team to decide on its own -shareholders and organized fans and friends of the team- for their own matters, without being bullied by this parastate “political party”.

    The official state on the other hand, sends once again (after the crack down on anarchists, squatters and antifascists succesfully confronting the Golden Dawns neonazi “attack squads”) that whoever messes with the Deep State’s (Church, Police, Secret Services, cleptocrats) favorite party, should expect the brutal retaliation of the official state: The police (half of them Golden Dawn supporters and sympathisers) and Judges (the only public sector not affected by the cleptocrats’ austerity measures and therefore the one most submissive to the elit).

    Solidarity for all those who fight the neonazi (and) state violence.
    Freedom for all antifascist prisoners of the Greek state.

  3. The official number of immigrants in Greece is merely 8,6%. 1,6% are EU citizens and from the rest 7%, the majority are Albanians, which are actually also Europeans. In any case, no 7% can pursue a genocide against a 93%, which for whomever knows a tiny bit of Greek history has historically “mixed” with most races and nationalities on earth, thus your whole arguement is non-sense and only manifests your irrational fear, however of a pretty real situation: this of young Greeks being forced to migrate away from their country and become themselves these nasty immigrants, due to austerity policies and rising totalitarianism of the Greek cleptocratic elit and its European counterparts. Your favorite neonazi party is nothing more than another face of the deep state that has allowed this elit to rule for the past 60 years, that is now promoted by the mass media of the elit as an acceptable alternative, to counter the rise of any true alternatives, like the movement against the memoranda, the self-management of the squares and the popular assemblies, the strikes and the manifestations of the workers and the youth, that are presented by these same media (owned by a handful of oligarchs tied to the Golden Dawn through their security services and football clubs) as the devil himself…

  4. bravo re! greetings from istanbul/konstantinoupolis. Ο ΠΑΟΚ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΑΝΩ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΕΘΝΗ!

  5. Paok is good, but HAIL to Olympiacos, the best Hellenic team in perspective of European successes who represent the ancient ideals of athleticism.

  6. Yes, good Goy. All cultures are equal and race is a social construct……yes….be sure to donate to the Shoah fund for the six million. We’re short on shekels.


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