Ellinikon International Airport Officially Abolished


    The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks with a decision that was published in the Government Gazette (the official journal of the Government of Greece) and at diavgeia.gov.gr (a site that contains every government decision) put an end to the Ellinikon International Airport, as an air facility.

    The Ellinikon International Airport, sometimes spelled Hellinikon, was the international airport of Athens, Greece, for sixty years up until 2001, when it was replaced by the new Athens International Airport. The grounds of the airport are located seven kilometers south of Athens, and just west of Glyfada. It was named after the village of Elliniko, now a suburb of Athens.

    The above mentioned decision bears the title “Abolishing of the State Airport in Elliniko, as air facility,” which put an end to its 68 years of history.

    It is reminded that after its closure, the northwest section of the airport was redeveloped, converting runways into a sports park that housed the 2004 Summer Olympics venues for canoe/kayak slalom, field hockey, baseball, and softball.

    However, today, twelve years after its closure and nine after the Olympic Games of Athens, most of the airport grounds have been abandoned.

    The plan of “Ellinikon SA” for the future of the former airport, though not binding, provides a maximum of 3,600,000 m2 of building area, as well as the creation of a huge metropolitan park.


    1. It truly is a shame that they have let this airport complex rot. Up until June of 1991, the United States maintained an Air Force Base (American Base called by Greeks) at Hellenikon. It was one shining example of cleanliness and organization, and I get sick to see what they have done to our base, just letting it rot overgrown with weeds, graffiti and garbage. Now, of course, Greek friends also say that they let the Olympic venues rot too, so it’s nothing personal against our US Military Base, but compared to the Divani Apollon Hotel in Kavouri, which also used to be our US Military Hotel in Kavouri for our US Military Personnel, which now is a fantastic Hotel, and makes me gleam with pride to see it occasionally. Bravo Divani for letting me live my Nostalgia, and wish Divani could take over the reconstruction of the former US Military base and Airport at Hellenikon.


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