Greece Bans Commando Protest March

KEEDFearing violence, the Greek government said it will not allow a protest march on Sept. 28 by Special Forces reservists who had called for the government to fall and be replaced by a unity administration under the protection of the military. That prompted an investigation by authorities although the reservists denied they want a coup.

The police issued a banning order for reasons of “public order and safety” anticipating counter-protests by other groups. Anti-fascists have been protesting on and off for a week since the murder of a hip-hop artist for which a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, believed to have sympathizers in the police and military, was arrested.

A statement issued by the Association of Special Forces Reservists (KEED) had called for the government to be replaced by a caretaker administration that would suspend any commitments Greece had under its bailout terms with international lenders, also a platform of the Golden Dawn agenda.

The tone of the statement suggested a direct intervention in the democratic process and prompted an emergency meeting of ministry and judicial officials. The reservists said they also wanted politicians tried for making a deal with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) which is putting up $325 billion in two rescue bailouts but has insisted on big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions in return.


  1. I really, really want to see a violent anarchist counterprotest against KEED. May not be any anarchist left after that encounter….

  2. Here we see the real side of so-called ‘Liberal Democracy’. You have Democratic rights so long as you conform to all the views shoved down your throat. Sounds VERY Democratic, huh? >.>

  3. Fascists deserve nothing less than death. All GD and KEED members need to be rounded up. Neo-Nazis don’t deserve freedoms.

  4. Still not buying the attempt to associate KEED with fascists generally and Golden Dawn specifically. The call for WWII reparations against fascist Germany, which then was under the rule of a Nazi dictatorship and now is under the rule of an imperialist, fascist bankers dictatorship, just doesn’t stand up to such assignments.

    What we have here with KEED is a counter-coup seeking to reverse the coup of imperialist servants among the Greek ruling class who currently are killing Greece with their adherence to neo-liberal fascism under the guise of austerity. This KEED initiative appears to be the same kind of dynamic as drove the Egyptian military to remove from power a plainly fascist Muslim Brotherhood whose subservience to the IMF was destroying the social fabric of Egypt in much the same way as is occurring in Greece right now.

    I continue to support KEED’s call for the current Greek government to step down. and would advise their continuing this drive by clarifying their intention with the goal of drawing in police associations who would be willing to indicate their intention to defy any future order from the current, illegitimate government banning a planned KEED protest. With such support there would be no need to protest and this failed Greek slavery to a criminal, imperialist bankers dictatorship might bring today’s pathetic Greek government to fall of its own corrupt weight.

  5. Coming from some anonymous and faceless nobody from the security and confines of the Internet.


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