SYRIZA Urges Resort to ‘People’s Verdict’ Against Golden Dawn

SyrizaIn an announcement issued on Friday, main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) called for a resort to the polls as a reply to the “tacticism” of far-right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) and so that voters can give a “double reply to fascism and the policy of impoverishment.”
The people want an end to the immunity enjoyed by GD, SYRIZA claimed, and stressed that this required shedding full light on cases involving GD, removing far-right enclaves within the state, implementing the existing legal framework and boosting anti-racist legislation. “There is no room for half-hearted words and provocative delays,” the announcement said.

The main opposition party blamed the government for attempting to politically exploit the phenomenon represented by GD in order to further a “strategy of tension and the theory of the two extremes,” at a time when Greek society was faced with the “monster of fascism and realising the massive responsibility of the police and its political leadership for the spread of Nazi violence.”

According to SYRIZA, the government’s stance was “extremely dangerous and irresponsible” and led to its further isolation from the majority of the Greek people that wanted a clear answer defending democracy from its enemies.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Now it is time for these true Greek heroes to show their bravery. Please put them in the same cell with some Afghan, Pakistani and Albanian immigrants.

  2. Jewish international capitalist billionaire George Soros is the patron Saint of leftists!
    As reported by Wirtschaftswoche Magazine: the famous Jewish international Capitalist George Soros arranged and paid for Alexis Tsipras, the Leader of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) to visit America, through the “INET” institute.
    The Jewish billionaire Soros uses SYRIZA to serve his interests – and the interests of the international Jewish usurers. The Greek people don’t want a Zionist puppet like Tsipras and his SYRIZA leftist anarchist thugs to drag Greece further into ruin. SYRIZA is consequently on a downward spiral. SYRIZA are the rebels of wall street.

  3. The terror and desperation of the enemies of Golden Dawn know no
    boundaries! This time the Jewish community of Greece expressed their complaints for Golden Dawns rising support and resort to meaningless efforts to propagandize against Golden Dawn.
    Specifically, like the fine “democrats” they are, they decided to educate children “the right way”, by organizing trips to the Jewish Museum of Greece. They think that if the students come in touch with the Jewish heritage they will avoid Golden Dawn’s massive rise and “democratize” Greek youth, which unfortunately for them seems to be giving large percentages to the Social Nationalist Movement.
    Additionally, the cooperation of the Jewish community with the government is so transparent that they are already organizing trips to Jerusalem, so that students can “delve” even deeper in Jewish culture.
    We understand, therefore, what is the substance of true fascism, since from an early age, children will be forced to come in contact with everything that isn’t connected to Greece and our National Heritage. So we are talking about pure brainwashing here, and the Greek Jewish community believes that even that is not enough, so it cooperates with Jewish communities in other countries in order to resolve the “problem”, all while they are deciding to re-finance those “educational” excursions anew.
    Still, they call the Government to proceed with overall restructures, dispersing propagators in universities, schools and the press, causing fear against the allegedly xenophobic and fascist Golden Dawn.
    Golden Dawns answer to them once again is that no matter how hard they try to act like Democrats, the Greek people now see the truth. The propaganda they disseminate no longer works and the only thing they accomplish is to increase support for Golden Dawn.

  4. David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the largest Jewish organization in the U.S., said he believes that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party “ is a clear threat to Greece”, adding that “there should be no doubt about this.”
    Will these bottom feeders get their hook noses out of Greek domestic affairs?

  5. Rather than attack Jewish people as whole, which you do with your statement, can we just call it as it is: Bankers and the Elite. Not every Jewish person represents the corrupt Soros and Kissengers of this world(who should be charged with war crimes).

  6. The World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, and the European Jewish Congress are the premier Jewish organizations in the world today.
    You could also add AIPAC, and the ADL to that list.
    These organizations represent International Jewry. They receive the overwhelming support of Jewish communities in the USA, in Europe, and ofcourse in Israel. Lets take the American Jewish Committee as an example. The American Jewish Committee is the leading Jewish organization in the USA. Are you going to tell me that the Jewish community in the USA is opposed to the American Jewish Committee? If the Jewish people were opposed to the statements and activities of these Jewish organizations these organizations would not be able to exist.

  7. The Violent Hypocrisy Of The Zionist Hydra Trumps The Voice Of A Million Greeks – Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 3 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, and the ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups, yet not even meeting with Obama, who really rules Greece?

  8. How does anything of this have to do with Jewish people? There are elite Greeks and other races around the world that control capital and resources who are part of the elite. The question here is that this party is nothing but a bunch of fat useless punks who xannot contribute anything of value to society but have found the power through democracy to express their useless beliefs. But this is not the 1940s neither is Greece a Germany with huge exonomix might or potential to exert influence of dumb ideologies. Second what does Nazism have to do with Greece when Greeks fought against a German invasion and after during occupation had a successful rebel fighters against the Nazis. At what point in Greek history does Nazism involve Greece and give it any benefit? Non and nowhere

  9. SYRIZA is a joke, fake opposition party for lemmings to waste their votes on when they want to blow off some steam. SYRIZA , despite being the second most powerful party in parliament, has failed to roll back any memorandum and austerity reforms. And this is on purpose, since they are perfectly capable of doing it. Not to mention they have changed all their platform to make it more palable to the IMF, Merkel, and international jewish finance.

    No surprise they jump in to kick Golden Dawn with their twins Venizelos and Samaras. Screw the corrupt sell out Tsipras! Get real news here

  10. These organisations do not represent every Jewish person. Greece recently vote in the UN for Palestine and I know many Greeks who would not vote this way. These groups above are mostly created by the Elite not the average person. Normal Israelis demonstate in the street like the Greeks and nothing gets done. The Elite in Greece and in all the other countries are ruling the people with an iron fist. We need to differentiate between these ‘organisations’ and the average Greek and Jewish person.

  11. Of course he would say that. These organisations just like most political parties in most countries don’t represent the people anymore. Personally I am not a fan of GD BUT I respect the peoples right to vote as they please. This is what has annoyed me.

  12. The people raising the Jewish question usually are GD supporters. The people that should be charged are the politicians who caused and lead the Greek people into this mess. And they are all Greek Chritians.

  13. Do any of those Jews demonstrating on the streets ever dare to denounce the actions of the World Jewish Committee? With some notable individual exceptions like Gilad Atzmon, the answer is no.

  14. At what point in Greek history does the European Union, international Jewish money, or PASOK given any benefit to Greece?

    In case your history is rough, Greece was dragged into WWII against its will by the British. Greece fought Italians in the Greco-Italian war and Greece was actually winning and on the brink of signing a peace treaty that would’ve kept it neutral with generous concessions from Germany and Italy. The Germans only got involved when Metaxas died and the British installed a puppet that allowed a British expeditionary force on Greek soil, which dragged Greece into the larger conflict. Greece gained nothing from helping the Allies, except of course the civil war between communists and nationalists where untold thousands died and cruelty abounded.

  15. A large number of Greek politicians serving in the corrupt New Democracy – PASOK governing coalition are Freemasons.
    New Democracy MP Nikos Dendias who serves as public order minister actually admitted that many of his close freinds are Freemasons.


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