Greek Man Hands €8,000 to Police

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    An interesting story took place a few days ago in Xanthi, Greece, according to police officers.

    A Greek resident of Xanthi, who belongs to the Muslim minority, found 8,000 euros in a bag and took it to the police. The Greek-Muslim does not appear to be rich, as he is one of the Greeks who is highly affected by the financial crisis. However,  he did not even think of keeping the money for himself.

    A few hours later, the man who lost the 8,000 euros went to the police to report the incident and found out that he had caught a break, retrieving his money. The lucky man, a Pontian Greek who works in Cyprus, thanked the Greek-Muslim for his kind gesture and his honesty.


    1. Is it so exceptional that a Muslim person was honest that he has an article written about him? Why? Was there a different expectation because he is a muslim?

    2. Interesting that my comment critisising GR for this article has been deleted. Not sure if that is Discus playing up or something else?

    3. People do this sort of thing everyday… There’s nothing exceptional about it. And why state that he is a Muslim? I thought we were above labelling or is this some kind of propaganda?

    4. Considering all the articles surrounding this one are about Golden Dawn and their “criminal actions towards minorities”, I’m going to speculate that this is intentional propaganda.


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