Meimarakis Orders Search of Golden Dawn MPs

New Greek ParliamentAs the Greek Parliament was sworn in to a new session on Oct. 7, with a benediction performed by Metropolitan Bishop of Skyros Seraphim and members of the Permanent Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, the head of the body, Evangelos Meimarakis, ordered everyone searched, particularly MPs from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, who are known to carry guns, and their invited guests.

Not all the MPs were present as many were missing from the Communist KKE and major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA.) Golden Dawn’s members attended, absent a number in jail pending trial on charges of running a criminal gang, including the leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

Three other Golden Dawn MPs also charged in the case but released for now, were in attendance, including party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris. The ministerial council was present in its entirety, including Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader, and his Deputy Prime Minister, PASOK Socialist head Evangelos Venizelos.

The Parliament that is controlled by the government, making debates moot, began discussion on the 2014 budget that Samaras has already ordered be approved. Another consideration is a bill to increase the crimes for hate penalties which he withdrew earlier this year but has reinstated in the wake of a rampage of violence by Golden Dawn.

This afternoon the Parliamentary Assembly will begin discussions on the 2014 budget and the new bill to tackle racially-motivated violence. According to the government, this is the first surplus budget since 2001. The assembly will also discuss suspending payments towards Golden Dawn MPs, despite the differences expressed in previous discussions between party representatives and Mr. Meimarakis.

The first bills to be discussed by the Assembly are about renewable sources of energy, reforming the Mining Code and other emergency regulations for the implementation of the Public Revenue Code. In two weeks time the Assembly will discuss lifting the parliamentary immunity of five Golden Dawn MPs charged with crimes.

The Supreme Court prosecutors have also relayed the case files of indicted Golden Dawn MPs to Parliament, in order to initiate procedures and discussions for other crimes. These crimes, such as illegal possession of firearms, require a formal discussion and decision by the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, before immunity is lifted so they can be charged with felonies.


  1. Results from a poll INVOLVING 43000 GREEKS were released today on the Tromaktiko website.
    SYRIZA came 1st with 29.7% of the vote.
    Golden Dawn came 2nd with 18.9% of the vote.
    New Democracy came 3rd with 18% of the vote.
    The New Democracy led crackdown on Golden Dawn is backfiring!!!
    Please note that out of all the polls last year tromaktiko was the most accurate with their poll results coming very close to the actual percentages scored by Golden Dawn in the 2012 elections!

  2. How ironic the Greek Parliament was sworn in to new session by Bishops and Man of God. This same Parliament who not long ago was sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution of Greece. They did anything but that. Corruption, treason, fraud which led to the demise of the Greek state as we see it today. Utterly disgraceful.

  3. “Please note that out of all the polls last year tromaktiko was the most accurate with their poll results coming very close to the actual percentages scored by Golden Dawn in the 2012 elections!”



    gave XA 16% in the poll before the June elections. they won 6.9%. nice try liar

    polls are stupid but don’t forget about these

    scoring 14 percent in opinion polls before the stabbing. Two polls this week showed support had fallen to as low as 6.7 to 6.8 percent”

    MRB poll: ND 22.2%, Syriza 21%, GolDawn 6.8% (9.1% in previous poll), Pasok 5.5%, IndGreeks 5.3%, KKE 5%, DemLeft 3.3%, Greens 1.8%

    Alco poll: ND 21.5%, Syriza 20.3%, GolDawn 6.7% (10.8% in previous poll), Pasok 5.9%, IndGreeks 5.4%, KKE 4.7%, DemLeft 3.5%

    RAss poll: ND 25.4%, Syriza 22.7%, GolDawn 5.8%, KKE 5.7%, Pasok 5.3%, IndGreeks 4.3%, DemLeft 2.5%

    Metron Analysis poll: Syriza 19.8%, ND 19.6%, GolDawn 7.8%, Pasok 4.8%, KKE 4.6%, IndGreeks 3.6%, DemLeft 3.2%

  4. One minor problem to be a political party you need to uphold the law ….last time I checked murder was illegal.
    As the government continues its crack down on GD watch the rats leave the sinking ship and we wait for further revolations about the inner workings of GD

  5. The individual should be the one who suffers the full charges and penalty for murder; not the entire party.

  6. That does depend on who gave the order
    But ultimately attacking Pakistanis and slapping women is one thing killing a Greek opens a whole new ball game
    GD is on life support

  7. What is this “order” you’re talking about? You’re parroting speculation, that the killing of the rapper was a ‘hit’. I’d like to see some hard proof for this; as it’s quite a serious accusation the Greek media have orchestrated — and yet, nothing.

    Ask yourself: who benefited from the murder? Golden Dawn had their MPs arrested; their homes ransacked — the political Left have sworn to crush them; talks of introducing ‘hate crime’ laws; prosecuting Golden Dawn as “criminal”. It seems to me the only people that benefited from the murder is Samaras and the current government — which makes me doubt that Golden Dawn had any influence (no matter how great or small) on the murder to begin with.

    Seems to me like it was a set-up in order to give the government leverage to ‘take down’ Golden Dawn before they became too popular and threatened the political proxy the Zionists have on Greece.

  8. Here are the results of two polls taken by last week!

    In the smaller poll conducted by involving 1368 participants, Golden Dawn scored 14.9%.

    In the bigger poll which SURVEYED 50000 GREEKS Golden Dawn CAME FIRST with 39% showing clearly that the assault on Golden Dawn by the Zionist controlled Greek political-media establishment combined with police raids has backfired and completely failed to achieve it’s goal of erasing Golden Dawn.
    In the same poll of 50000 Greeks 51% agreed that the charges were politically motivated with a further 6% not stating an opinion.


    Δημοσκόπηση ZOUGLA.GR 8/10/13 Χρυσή Αυγή 15% και 39%

  9. Like any organisation with a command structure orders flow down, do individuals act on there own offcourse they do, do I believe this is the case here, no I don’t . As for who this benefits that is still to be decided, does the average Greek believe GD was involved yes they do and therein lies the problem for GD, if you lose your support base things will go down hill very quickly. “Too popular” ……not anymore
    its all about perception


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