Mystery Blond Girl Found in Roma Camp

Blond Girl Found in Gypsy Camp

The peculiar case of a girl found in a roma camp, during a routine check by the police in Farsala, has shocked the local community. The four-year-old girl has blond hair, green eyes and light skin; features that do not match those of the people who claim to be her parents.

This fact puzzled the police officers who were conducting a search in the area. As a result they brought both the parents before the Police Headquarters of Larisa and subjected them to questions with the presence of a prosecutor, in order to identify the origin of the child.

Specifically, during a police operation in the ROMA camp in Farsala and during the lawful search in the house of two natives, a 39-year old man and a 40-year old woman, the police officers found out that a young girl of about 4 years old stayed with them.

The two ROMA natives were taken to the Security Sub-directorate of Larissa and during their questioning by the competent police officers, they changed repeatedly their story about how they got the child; a fact that strengthened the conviction of the officers that the little girl was not the child of the above mentioned individuals.

DNA testing showed that there was not any genetic compatibility of heredity between the girl’s DNA data and those of the 39-year old man and the 40-year old woman.

At the same time, contacts with services outside Larisa dealing with disappearances of minors have been made, in the effort to clarify the case.

At the moment, there are no official announcements about the case, as  investigations are still in progress.


  1. Considering that slavery is an accepted part of gyspy culture I guess we have the answer to what she was doing there.
    Question is, who she is and how she came in the possession of the gypsies?

  2. It is possible for Roma to have blonde hair. I have photographs of a couple of blonde haired girls who are Roma. It’s unusual but not impossible.

  3. Roma, more commonly known as gypsies are an ETHNIC GROUP WHO TRACE THEIR ORIGIN TO THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT who are widely dispersed with their largest concentrated populations in Europe, especially southern Europe (Spain and Romania), with more recent large diaspora populations in the Americas (USA and Brazil) and, to a lesser extent, in North Africa and the Middle East. Criminality runs rampant amongst these gypsy 3rd Worlders. This girl is of indigenous White European descent and has either been kidnapped or purchased in an illegal perverted deal. This poor girls fate, had she not been discovered would have been to live a life of sexual slavery, assuming she hasn’t been sexually molested already by these subhuman gypsies. The gypsy race does not belong in Europe and needs to be deported to the Indian Subcontinent where they originated from. Golden Dawn has stated that once the take the reins of power in Greece they will strip gypsies of their Greek citizenship cooperate with the Indian government to have all Roma(gypsies) residing in Greece deported back India. A deal will be struck. A Final Solution to the gypsy problem will be achieved in one way or the other.

  4. That wouldn’t be the first time, that Gypsies abduct babies from Non-Gypsies.
    But at least the child is alive, and not murdered in a Jewish ritual murder like most probably Madeleine McCann.

  5. Everyone, please wait for the DNA results. But, one thing is for sure. I think the Greek police did the right thing just to be safe.

  6. Madeleine Mac Cann-
    Or forced to be married with an old man from Middle-east as they use to do in islamic countries. Pore children.

  7. To make begging more easy they “get” a child from a romanian home for children without parents. Some hundred euros and they can buy one with all documents showing its there baby. Seen them walk round with “sleaping” drugged babies in metro in Kiev f.ex. After the baby is to big they change for a new one.
    These gypsies probably decided to keep the baby. Might be they didnt get own children.

  8. Maddie McCann was killed by her parents there is no doubt about that.
    Portuguese police were 100% sure,but British authorities hold the McCann’s behind their backs.

  9. Your last sentence: spoken like a nazi. You’re puke and a coward. You deserve a healthy beating to rid your brain of the disease (stupidity) that hides in it.

  10. There is a missing children register so the parents will be notified if she is, in fact, abducted. Her picture probably cannot be posted here for legal reasons and to protect her identity. We will know more after an investigation is carried out.

  11. Shut up you scum! You don’t want this 4 year old White girls photo posted here because your rotten black heart is afraid that others will see what a innocent 4 year old Blonde angel has been trafficked and abused by dark gypsy perverted filth! You want White people to ignore and forget the racial undertones of this crime! The fact is that a 4 year angelic blonde indigenous White European girl, was a victim of human trafficking by barbaric subhuman dark gypsy filth! I say things as they are. It’s the XA way to call a spade a spade!
    Here is a link on the XA website of this innocent 4 year old angelic blonde European girl who was trafficked by vile ugly dark gypsy perverts!

  12. Shut up you scum! You don’t want this 4 year old White girls photo posted here because your rotten black heart is afraid that White people will become enraged when they see a picture of the innocent 4 year old Blonde angel that was trafficked and abused by dark gypsy perverted filth! Well we are enraged, & our rage will never die until there is a final solution to the gypsy problem!
    You want White people to ignore and forget the racial undertones of this crime!
    The fact is that a 4 year old angelic blonde indigenous White European girl, was a victim of human trafficking by barbaric subhuman dark gypsy filth!!!
    I say things as they are. It’s the XA way to call a spade a spade!

    Here is a link on the XA website of this innocent 4 year old angelic blonde European girl who was trafficked by vile ugly dark gypsy perverts!

  13. I did not say don’t release her picture! I said that I thought that until an investigation had been carried out, they would protect her identity. For the little girls sake, not mine or anyone else’s.

    No, I am not afraid that you and your “final solution” friends will become enraged. You are already enraged at everyone who disagrees with you and your “final solution”.

    There is a very real problem of trafficking of men, women and children all over the world. I am enraged by that and not just particularly in this case where the girl is white. I am enraged by the trafficking, kidnapping, abuse etc of any human beings. And ALL those involved in it of any colour, group, race, comminuity whatever should be caught and tried and punished. It’s a disgusting and hateful business that must end. It is no worse when it happens to a little white girl than to a little black girl.

    You call me scum simply because I thought that (and I was right) an investigation would happen before they released her identity (in order to protect HER). Your reaction is way over the top to say the least. People were only saying that we should WAIT until the evidence was there before judging.

    Now we find out the truth, the people involved should be tried and punished. And that does NOT mean that every Roma should be tried and punished and threatened with your “final solution”. In exactly the same way that all white people should not be punished and threatened with a “final solution” just because there are white traffickers and white mass murderers and white thieves and white rapists etc etc.

  14. Greece has no laws, it’s a jewish ruled banana republic where political parties and thoughts are banned if not deemed ‘democratic’.
    Why write a news story about a missing girl, who supposedly does not look gypsy, then post no photo? How are the readers supposed to make a conclusion?

  15. If that’s the photo of the girl, there is no way she’s a gypsy. The poor girl is likely a northern European toddler that was kidnapped by the criminal Gypsies.

  16. I too was and continue to be enraged with what appears to have occured with this girl. Although the investigation must be allowed to run it’s course i’m fairly certain that this child was trafficked. I can only pray that she hasn’t been sexually abused. I appreciate your response. I apologise to you for my initial accusation. A little girl was involved and in sadness, rage & despair over the entire vile slave trade that is unfortunately alive and thriving it appears I misinterpreted your intent of questioning the legality of posting photos of the victim here. Human trafficking and slavery is despicable regardless of race. I agree with you wholeheartedly that regardless of the race of the victim the crime is equally disturbing, equally terrible & the perpetrator is pure heartless evil! Perpetrators of human trafficking and slavery should be punished severely as they are heartless trully evil cowards. A White person enslaving and mistreating a non-White victim should recieve the same punishment as a non-White who enslaves and abuses a White person.

  17. don’t believe tv anymore . They just want to use it as an excuse to tag us all and collect our DNA. Just the New World Order plan. Problem Gypsies, reaction check their DNA. solution collect everyone’s DNA. Kind of like a false flag for gun control.

  18. Don’t drink your water because it contains flouride because the government is trying to kill you so they can come and take your guns.

  19. im greek.. and im naturally blonde with not green, but pure blue eyes. There ARE Greeks who look white! Such stereotypes from uneducated mor0ns! I have seen Scottish and Russians with black hair.

  20. Yes we have a large rich Roma family in Sweden from Poland. They are called Dabrowski. They are involved in crimes against the elderly, suspicious car business (din bil i Skene ab) blacklisted by the Swedish consumer agency (Konsumentverket), handling stolen valuebles, peddling fake Persian carpets very convincingly, real estate, laundrycompany,bakery and very rich. They have 7 brothers one of which is blond with blue eyes. Also one blond blue-eyed sister living in Södertälje works a lot with fooling the elderly citizens as she can pass off herself as Swedish working for elderlyservices (hemtjänsten).Real Scum.

  21. This article came out before her photo was officially released. It is now on a later article. For legal reasons and to protect the little girl, her picture could not be circulated until the investigation concluded that she is not the woman’s child.

  22. Scottish with black hair? I’m Scottish and have black hair. What colour of hair do you think Scottish people have to have? Let me guess, ginger? And you talk about uneducated. Not every Scottish person is ginger! In fact we have different colours from black to ginger to blonde.

  23. Roma gangs have been accused of
    trafficking hundreds of children to and from countries including Britain
    to mug and steal as part of an ‘international criminal network’.

    and girls as young as 10 are being used to make more than £2000 a month
    each, through crimes organised by Fagin-like bosses.

    200 children are though to be involved, with much of their tax free
    income being smuggled back to Romania to buy property.

    of the sinister ‘family’ network emerged during an appeal last year in
    Paris against a five-year-prison sentence by Remus Stoian, a 40-year-old
    Romanian national.

    was found guilty alongside Palos Constantine, a compatriot also aged
    40, of organising an ‘international criminal network which aimed to
    bring minors to France to commit theft.’

    men were based with their ‘extended clan’ at an illegal Roma campsite
    in the St Denis suburb of Paris, and regularly ‘trafficked’ children
    between ‘France, Romania and even England’, a judicial source told Le

    The Tribunal
    de Grande Instance in Paris said Stoian and Constantine had been wire
    tapped as they discussed the successes of their operation, which is
    still being run by relatives.

    conversations reveals that children were ‘selected by hand’, with
    Stoain saying at one point: ‘You need four to five people who can work
    for you, and each can bring in between 100 and 150 euros a day.

    You can bring in 3000 euros a month.’

    young criminal gangs are taken to top tourists spots, including central
    London to steal from people. The reason for keeping the children moving
    between different countries is so that they can not be ‘traced’ to the
    adults exploiting them.

    Romanian in the gang said he had 11 children working for him
    personally, with a ‘clan chief’ ultimately being responsible for the
    whole operation.

  24. Well the amount of DNA doesn’t matter does it? As long as you get what you are looking for…


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