Samaras: Management Audit on all Universities

Samaras_BrusselGreek Mininster of Education Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos asked the Ministry of finance to begin management audit on all universities. This order was given by Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras himself.

Antonis Samaras has ordered both the ministries of Education and Finance, to audit the research funds of all universities and technical institutions of the past five years.

We must underline here, that the research funds of the universities and institutions are regularly at the forefront of accusations for bad management from University Directors.

This development is expected to cause additional problems between the state and the education world. The relationship between the State and the universities is already on the rocks due to the suspension and dismissal of university administrative employees.

Concerning the registration, until now it seems that the vast majority of administrative employees of 8 universities that have been under the availability scheme program, had already been registered on the Ministry Education’s website. Despite that, the strike at the University of Athens is scheduled to continue next week, counting as the 8th week from the beginning of strike. In addition, general assembly at the National Technical University of Athens also intends to vote on extending their strike.

Finally, approximately 1,200 administrative employees will be suspended, a number that represents fewer suspended administrative employees than initially announced by the Ministry of Education.


  1. I have been told by a Greek American professor that Greece has twice the number of professors it needs. This is pure waste of money.
    I also believe students should pay tuition it should not be ALL free. The German and American taxpayers are fed up. Time to pull your own wagon Greece.


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