Alleged Ben Needham Turns Himself In for DNA Test in Cyprus

Ben Needham's case has been reopened with new evidence locating him in Cyprus

A young man, who allegedly looks like the British missing boy Ben Needham, appeared voluntarily to a Cyprus Police department in Limassol, Cyprus.

The file of Ben Needham’s case was reopened because of new evidence that shows the young man who resembles Ben to be in a Roma-populated area in Cyprus.

Inspired by the case of little blonde mystery girl maria, an anonymous source, submitted evidence – including a video – to authorities in Greece who notified Interpol. The source said that the case of Maria – the girl found living among Roma in northern Greece – a video of a man attending a church service was handed over to the Cypriot authorities.

Cyprus police had been searching the island for the past two days to find the young man. When his neighbors saw the photos, they informed the young man and he went voluntarily to a Cyprus Police department.

Police sources say that the man is cooperating with the investigation and that they already performed a DNA test that could solve the mystery.

Cypriot Police authorities have already requested DNA samples from the Needham family to be able to compare their findings.

The results of a DNA test carried out on a 21-year-old man believed to be Ben Needham, who was abducted as a toddler on the Greek island of Kos in 1991, are due to be released on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The video that alerted authorities shows a young man between 20 to 25 years-old among four Roma, at a church in Limassol, Cyprus. This man bears a great resemblance to 21-year-old Ben, as he is portrayed in digitally-enhanced photo by Scotland Yard (top photo).

The video was filmed during an Orthodox Easter service at the Limassol church of Aghia Triada in April 2013.

The young man who was portrayed in the video said to authorities that said he is Romanian and he is visiting his girlfriend on Cyprus.

Ben Needham had been holidaying with his parents on Kos island in the village of Iraklise when he went missing on July 24, 1991. There is no evidence – apart from the latest source- that Ben was abducted by Roma.

On the day of his disappearance Ben had been left in the care of his grandparents while his mother went to work at a local hotel. He was playing outside the family farmhouse that was under renovations when, at approximately two thirty in the afternoon, the adults realized he had disappeared.

His parents have never stopped searching for their child, who they believe is still alive, but he might not know his real identity.


  1. Who cares and why is the Press trying to distract us with this nonsense about Ben and Maria that no one cares about when our country is being ruled by the criminal TROIKA, Samaras and Venizlos Dictatorship..??!

  2. Because a mother lost her child 20 odd years ago, has suffered for it and might just stand to get him back. Have some compassion. This has nothing to do with how the country is run, it’s to do with victims of crime.

  3. ps you’ll never ‘fix the world’ with an attitude like that. What kind of a world are you trying to save if you don’t ‘care’ about abducted children?


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