Israeli Cinema Week: “Tales from the Israeli Cities”

israeli cinemaThe Embassy of Israel in Athens, in cooperation with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is organizing a tribute to the Israeli Cinema, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The tribute Tales from the Israeli Cities – 2nd Israeli Cinema Week” is going to take place at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, from November 13th to Tuesday 19th 2012. Seven awarded feature films will be screened during the tribute.

For the second year, an Israeli Cinema Week will be organized in Athens. During the last years, films from Israel participate and stand out in various film festivals in Greece and abroad, while at the same time they are being screened in cinemas all over the world. The tribute under the title “Tales from the Israeli Cities” offers the Greek audience the opportunity to be introduced to the cities of Israel. Through dramatic and comic stories, the Greek audience will have the chance to be introduced to the various aspects of everyday life in Jerusalem , Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Haifa – beyond the ones in the limelight.

The famous Israeli actress Rotem Zisman Cohen, will visit Athens to attend the opening.

The Films

“God’s Neighbors” (drama, 2011): Avi, Kobi and Yaniv, three young men who belong to the Breslev Hassidic community, place themselves in charge of supervising the codes of modesty, without hesitating to use violence. When Miri, a young girl, moves into the neighborhood, Avi has to choose between his gang and Miri, who ignores religion.

“Off White Lies” (drama, 2011): Libby, a teenage girl, who lives in USA with her mother, return to Israel to live with her father. Her arrival coincides with the outbreak of the second Lebanese civil war. The introverted, but intelligent, girl realizes that her father is actually homeless. Pretending to be refugees from a bombed area, they are hosted at the home of a wealthy family in Jerusalem. There, their actual relation will begin.

“The Human Resources Manager” (dramatic comedy, 2010): This film is based on the homonym novel of  A. B. Yehoshua. In order to protect the image of his company, the human resources manager of a chain of bakeries travels reluctantly to Eastern Europe to accompany the body of a diseased employee, and deliver her to her family.

“2Night” (romantic comedy, 2011): In a city that everything is possible, a man and a woman are looking for the impossible: a spot for parking. A story of two people who meet in a bar, want to spend the night together, but first, they have to park the car.

“The Matchmaker” (dramatic comedy, 2010): During the summer of 1968, Aric, a teenage boy, finds a job on the side of a mysterious matchmaker, who survived the Holocaust, and maintains a small office in a disreputable neighborhood. There, a whole new world will be introduced to Aric.

“Restoration” (drama, 2011): After the death of his partner, Jakob Fintelman discovers that his antique store is facing serious financial problems. He is forced to reconnect with his son, who suggests to sell the shop. But a young trainee has an idea that gives them hope.

“Whereabouts Unknown” (dramatic, 2010): 1949, Israel. Anutsa, with her son and her wife are trying to survive after the Holocaust. Anutsa makes a deal with Rebecca and her daughter Sarika, Holocaust survivors from Rhodes, in order to find her missing husband.


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