Moscow Looking For Greek Help With EU Visa Issue

Sergei Lavrov_SamarasRussia looks forward to restarting cooperation and visa talks with the EU under Greece’s upcoming presidency of the bloc, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said here on Wednesday.
Greece has signaled it intends to promote EU relations with Moscow when it assumes the bloc’s rotating presidency in January, and to further facilitate visa procedures for Russian travelers which are becoming increasingly important to its tourism industry.
“We particularly appreciate the determination by our Greek friends to promote Russia-EU relations in the coming period,” Lavrov said.
“Primarily the problem is about the issuing of entry visas,” he added. “And the renewal of negotiations, which stopped through no responsibility of our own, for a new deal on Russia-EU cooperation … to modernise relations between EU and Russia.”
Efforts to improve EU-Russian relations have so far run afoul of disputes over Moscow’s record on human rights and energy policy.
(source: eubusiness)