Crete: Man Wants to Sell His Kidney for Money

crete kidney noteA father driven by his desperation wrote the following note on the bulletin board of the General Hospital in Heraklion. “I don’t just want to sell my kidney; I would sell my own head if it meant that my children would survive.” The man from Heraklion has been unemployed for 2 and a half years and is straining to find money to pay for basic necessities.

The local news website irakliolive came in contact with the man who is volunteering to sell his kidney for his children. It was a rather difficult and emotionally charged exchange, since the man stated from the beginning that he didn’t wish to be under the spotlight.

Without divulging any information that would reveal his identity, he said that his life took a down-turn 2 and a half years ago when he became unemployed. As he stated, until then he had lived a very good life economically. For the last 2 and a half years, he has been anxiously looking for any kind of job, but with no result.

Today, he still remains unemployed. “We sold everything, furniture, electrical appliances and whatever else we had at home. There’s nothing left. We cannot live like this. That’s why I want to sell my kidney. For me this is nothing, I can live with just one kidney. I would sell my own head if someone would buy it. I live for my children but I cannot offer them the basic necessities. I would die for them. One of my children is taking the Panhellenic Exams this year and needs tutoring, the other is in elementary school. But I cannot offer them anything anymore.”

Right before he hung up the phone the man said: “I don’t want any publicity, I just want someone to buy my kidney.”

  • guest

    If he cares so much for his kids as he says… then perhaps he should use his head to create something rather than selling it.

  • Guest

    Greeks don’t create. They steal and break, sorry I meant modify.
    He’ll probably get a higher price if he sells it in FYROM. At least it will somewhat legitimize their mystical claims.

  • guest

    Greece does produce things but our focus is on silly things. (i.e tourism and agriculture) We need to be producing physicists and mathematicians not cocktail serving dumb-sses that fantasize foreigners admire them for the accomplishments of our forefathers.

  • Tom Hanks

    I don’t see any Macedonian selling their body parts for a euro. How about he grow some olives or work on farms. Better still, go to Albania like his fellow Greeks for 40 euro’s a day?

  • Guest

    I agree with you 90%.
    The 10% where we disagree is your mentioning of “our forefathers”.
    They weren’t Greek. They were Ilirians. Unless you’re an Arvanit, you have no claim on “our forefathers”!


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