The Greek Who Saved Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela and George Bizos

George Bizos, the Greek lawyer and good friend of Nelson Mandela, during a past visit to Athens had reveled details of  his life and his relationship with Mandela.

Bizos, was born in 1928 in the village Vasilitsi, in Messinia. In 1941, at just 13 years old, he was forced to abandon his home during the German occupation of World War 2. He then immigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa, penniless and didn’t speak any English. After he found a job, he stayed there without seeing his family for 20 years.

His life was full of difficulties, but he had the chance to meet and collaborate with a legendary man, Nelson Mandela. The two men met in 1948 at the university where Mandela gave daily lectures on human rights. Mandela was 10 years older than Bizos and was helping him make a living by assigning him cases. As Bizos said, they became friends in the courts.

They became inseparable during the notorious trial of Rivonia in 1963-1964, while Bizos was in the group of lawyers that defended Mandela and his comrades. Bizos was among the men who saved Mandela from a death sentence. Originally the death penalty had been requested, but changed due to world-wide protests and the skilled legal maneuvers of the defence team. Mandela was sentenced to 28 years in prison.


Mandela was never afraid to die for what he believed in. However, George Bizos urged him not to provoke the judges: “I ​​consulted him to say, that he was hoping to live and realize his ideals and that if needed, he was ready to die. We agreed on this.” said Bizos.

Bizos, whenever speaking of Mandela is overcome with emotion. Mandela always told him that it is easier to love people and that no one is born to be a racist. He never abandoned his people nor did he consider himself as a savior; he considered himself a faithful servant of both native and white people.

George Bizos visits Greece often. He believes that in the past, Greek people have been through far more difficult situations and that the country can find a way to deal with the crisis.

  • PhoenixRisingEuropa

    George Bizos has spent his life in praise of a murderous African terrorist. It’s likely that some future XA government of Greece would ban this twisted creature from ever setting foot on Holy Hellenic soil. Let him be buried in Africa with Mandela.

  • gdlosers

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  • guest

    Not only won’t they be elected but they are in the process of being banned completely (as either a terrorist or criminal organization)

    Security services both inside and outside of Greece are no doubt having a field day compiled files on GD posters.

    One thing I find troubling though is many people who claim to be moderate left are quick to condemn golden dawn.. then spend little or no time condemning far left and anarchists extremists in Greece (who actually engage in far more violence and lawlessness i- ncluding riots, looting, terrorist attacks, and murders) Its truly disturbing that communist extremists like Syriza and KKE are mainstream in Greece. (see 100 million dead and millions more oppressed by communist in the 20th century)

  • PhoenixRisingEuropa

    Whilst you are lost in cloud cuckoo land imagining that the corrupt New Democracy-PASOK coalition will be able to hang onto power, here is a statement released this week by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras regarding the upcoming May 2014 Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections.
    Alexis Tsipras stated:

    “I believe SYRIZA will prevail and make a difference, but I am afraid that GOLDEN DAWN will INCREASE its ELECTORAL STRENGTH. For the government, it will be a true disaster. Mr SAMARAS is AFRAID that it will be very difficult to continue implementation of the memorandum without the support of the people.”

  • MSMlies

    Below excerpt is from a Monday 2nd December article by the Guardian titled: “Golden Dawn supporters rally for imprisoned leader’s release”

    Metron Analysis, recently finding that 10.5% of voters would back the party. “The nightmare of Golden Dawn is returning,” wrote the Sunday Ethnos, which commissioned the report last week. Officials in the two-party coalition led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras privately admit that SECRET POLLS CONDUCTED ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNING NEW DEMOCRATS AND PASOK SOCIALISTS reveal even higher approval ratings. “One poll showed them (Golden Dawn) getting 17%,” said a well-placed insider.

  • MSMlies

    Golden Dawn is powering ahead with renewed momentum!

    Pulse rc poll released today!

    ΣΥΡΙΖΑ 25%, ΝΔ 22.5%, Χρυσή Αυγή 13.5%, ΠΑΣΟΚ 7.5%
    ΚΚΕ 6.5%, ΑΝΕΛ 4.5%, ΔΗΜΑΡ 3%

    (For those who are not familiar with the Greek language, Golden Dawn = Χρυσή Αυγή)

    In the previous Pulse rc poll held 3 weeks ago, Golden Dawn had scored 11.5%. Golden Dawn has risen 2% in just 3 weeks! THE FUTURE BELONGS TO GOLDEN DAWN!

  • PhoenixRisingEuropa

    US President Ronald Reagan branded Mandela a terrorist.
    Nelson Mandela was on the US Terror watch list till 2008.

    Former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also described Mandela’s ANC as a “typical terrorist organization” in 1987.

  • PhoenixRisingEuropa

    Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. Whilst serving as leader of MK, Nelson Mandela signed off on the murder of innocent people. Lots of them.

    Here is a sample of the vile murderous terrorist attacks on innocent White South African civilians that the communist terrorist leader Mandela personally signed off on.

    Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983

    Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985

    Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988

    Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986

    Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987

    Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

    Amnesty International refused to take Nelson Mandela’s case stating “[the] movement recorded that it could not give the name of ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ to anyone associated with violence.”

  • PhoenixRisingEuropa


    It is not just the death toll, but the extreme violence that is often brought to bear, that causes the greatest fear in the White community. Documented cases of farm killings make for gruesome reading, with children murdered along with their parents, one family suffocated with plastic bags and countless brutal rapes of elderly women and young children.
    These horrors have prompted Genocide Watch — a respected American organisation which monitors violence around the world — to claim that the murders of ‘Afrikaner farmers and other Whites is organised by racist communists determined to drive Whites out of South Africa, nationalise farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state’.

  • Polycrates

    I suppose soon there will be a towering Mandela statues in every plaza and town. He is being “Marbleized” by the media into someone that he never was for a purpose. Mandela like Obama are recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize and that means a great deal to those in SA that wish to distract the populous’ attention from the growing internal racial, economic and tribal tensions.

  • gdlosers

    ronnie is not our standard, he traded guns for hostages and asked Iran not to release until after he became president.

  • gdlosers

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  • John Aussie

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  • Maco Style

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  • Philipos

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  • BAV1

    As most of the leaders from around the world gather in South Africa today to pay their respects on the passing of a global icon, Hellenes around the world can be justifiably proud of the key role that Bizos has played in Mandela’s life. What has emerged is the spirit and principles of human/racial tolerance, common understanding and reconciliation which has universal application, key in the resolution of all human conflicts.

  • Maco Style

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  • Ausgreek

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