Protest in Athens as EU Marks Greek Presidency

    Protest in Athens as EU marks Greece presidencyBailout recipient Greece has ceremonially assumed the European Union’s six-month presidency amid praise for its reform efforts from visiting senior EU officials. The visit took place during an Athens wide ban on protests.
    Several hundred Greek leftists defied the ban and scuffled with police in Athens late on Wednesday as Greece was ceremonially inaugurated as the EU’s presiding nation for six months.
    Police, who had shut down roads and railway stations for 18 hours in central Athens, dispersed the protesters with tear gas. No arrests or injuries were reported.
    The protesters had tried to breach a cordon at Athens university, close to the venue used by the visiting EU officials, including the bloc’s 28 commissioners.
    (source: DPI, DW)


      All patting each other on the back for dasterdly, “slip-shod” job…. In the EU today we have 2 “Criminal Gangs” one from from Brussels run by Barroso, Rhen and Merkel and the other gang is PASOK and New Democracy Parties running a government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems today and should never have been let in the EU.

      It was PASOK & ND Parties who created all the financial problems in Greece by their corrupt rule and mismanagement– (Akis Tzahadzopolous and Yiannos Papantoniou are ex-MPs from PASOK who are an example of their horrific corruption).

      1.) Why isn’t PASOK’s MP Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List 2 years in his home? And what about Venizelos’ controversial submarine bribery deal, he signed in 2010?

      2.) Why isn’t PASOK’s Finance MP Papconstantiou in jail for removing his
      relative’s names on the List?

      3.) What about PASOK & ND Parties still owing 250 million Euros to the
      Banks in phony loans they have not paid back a penny yet?

      4.) What about Health Minister Georgiades who got caught cheating on his taxes the other day and was let off with a minor fine of 1200 Euros. Whys is he still a Minister and not fired??

      5.) Why aren’t Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his sister Dora in jail after taking
      BRIBES from Seimens?

      It seems to me the Gov’t, EU Commission and Press here is using ANYTHING as a DISTRACTION to take attention away from the Massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 39 years of corrupt rule– They MUST ALL BE IMPEACHED and JAILED for high crimes and TREASON against the Greek People and State!

    2. Isn’t all this just wonderful. Samaras becomes El Supremo Presedente’ de Europea PIIGS, addresses are given by and for Eurocrats, all while the public are kept a great distance away with closures, roadblocks and threats of bodily injury from the celebration. I’d say that was a great start to Samaras’ brief tenure.


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