Anti-Smoking Law Returns Once More

No smoking sign

The under-secretary for Health, Zeta Makris has signed a memo in which it is highlighted that smoking in public places is prohibited, in an attempt to finally apply the anti-smoking law in Greece.

The memo will be sent to all ministries, local authorities and other institutions. This is a “development in the implementation of a series of laws and regulations aimed towards the control of smoking, child protection from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and the new terms and conditions for premises operating under health regulations” stated the Ministry of Health.

The need for more intense inspection by the authorities and for implementation of the existing legislation in terms of the smoking ban in all enclosed public places is underlined in the memo.

Guidelines concerning inspections are also provided, such as the choice of inspection team, how premises will be assessed and marked, the inspection record and the planning of regular periodic inspections. Moreover, it is stressed that all auditing institutions (Directorates of Health and Social Welfare, Directorates of Environmental Health and Sanitary Inspections, Port Police, Police, Greek National Tourism Organization (E.O.T) and Labor Inspectorate Body (S.EP.E)) need to support the implementation of the measures.

The memo emphasis that the Ministry of Health requires the active participation of all Public Administration bodies in the implementation of a complete smoking ban in all enclosed public spaces.