Father in Cyprus Rapes 18 Year-Old Daughter


Shock and outrage is the obvious reaction after the news of a father raping his 18 year-old daughter in Limassol, Cyprus broke out.

The 18 year-old girl arrived at a police station early in the morning accusing her 53 year-old father of rape. The father, using as a pretense that he would take his daughter to her grandmother house at 2.30am, instead drove her to the Lady’s Mile area and raped her.

The young girl did not have any relationship with her biological family, since she was adopted and lived with her foster family. Yesterday, the 18 year-old visited her biological mother. After a dispute, her biological father arrived at the house and appeared to be willing to take her out for dinner and later on take her home.

According to the girl’s testimony, around 2:30 a.m., her biological father pretended that he would take her to her grandmother’s to sleep, but instead, drove her to the Lady’s Mile area and raped her.

The girl was examined by a coroner and a warrant for the arrest of the 53 year-old is expected.


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