Bild: Wealthy Greeks should paying for their own debts

Greeks should pay themselves for their crisisRecent headlines from the German newspaper “Bild” have started a new propagandistic campaign against Greece. The newspaper claims that the Greeks have a lot more money than the German people and should pay wealth tax to recover from the crisis.

“We got used to it. For years the Germans have to pay for the bankrupt Greeks. The excuse is that apparently Greeks cannot help themselves. However, the truth seems to be different. Actually, Greeks have a lot more money than us.” the article states, noting that while a German household has an average income of 51,4000 euros, a Greek household has an income of 101,900 euros.

The article, commenting on the Germany’s Bundesbank proposal that countries about to go bankrupt should impose their citizens a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help, said that “wealthy Greeks should be paying for their own debts.”

As reported in Bundesbank’s monthly report, “A capital levy corresponds to the principle of national responsibility, according to which tax payers are responsible for their government’s obligations before solidarity of other states is required.”

Bundesbank’s warned that the implementation of a capital levy would not be easy, noting that it should only be considered in exceptional cases, for example to avoid a threatening sovereign insolvency.


  1. German populists at Bild sound no different than Greek populists that work for Greek Reporter (Andy Dablis being a perfect example) The sane Germans and Greeks measure their words rather than resort to slander by painting with too wide a brush.

  2. “…a Greek household has an income of 101,900 euros.”

    Haha! Who writes this bulls**t?

  3. The problem with hyperbolic articles like the one put forth in “Bild” is that Greece has actually given them the grist to say such outlandish things.

    Just look at the way many Greeks have and do live at the top of the food chain in this land with island summer homes and mansions on the hillside. Why are the shipping companies and families who live off them so well here not being taxed AT ALL for their incomes? And yet look at how they live, along with the media moguls and politicians.

    Anyone flying over the northern Athens suburbs in a helicopter might be astounded at the number of marble estates with five car garages, swimming pools and expansive tropical gardens. Granted, its a false impression of the way the average Greek lives, but there are just enough people still cavorting in their cash-insulated “bubble” here, and audaciously so, to bring out the ire right now from the rest of the world. It is these people, by the way, who pay what ever inflated prices that are thrown at the rest of us–keeping ALL prices high, from coffee to mobile internet service. Impressions are everything and many of the elitist and connected Greeks have brought a tremendously bad image to themselves, and hence the rest.

  4. Its a sad day that a German paper has to start propaganda against Greece which is so much smaller in size and population and in industry as well that it has to write such articles against a european country just to sell papers in Germany…Now that sad..Greece is facing more than enough problems of its own and its citizens are being taxed to oblivion, wages have plummeted, jobs have vanished, public services are closing, Greeks are moving abroad to find jobs and food, real estate prices have plummeted…..and more people are living in poverty in Greece than in Germany and to add to its problems it has a huge illegal immigration problem that predominantly stem from Turkey with which Germany supports .. And this paper chooses to write an article about taxing Greeks further..

  5. BILD is definitely the worst German newspaper. It is a shame for proper newspapers like Süddeutsche. I was in Germany and looking at the BILD covers, each day they had a naked playmate on their cover. So what do you expect from such a poor tabloid.
    Anyway, regarding Turkey and Germany, Erdogan is soon flying to Berlin to visit ‘Turkey’. As he said, ‘where there is a Turk, there is Turkey’. So basically he is interfering with the integration process of Turkish immigrants in Germany. I read the comments on the Spiegel-Online Facebook page, and Turks where calling Germans ‘Nazis’ because CDU was against Erdogan’s visit to the local Turkish community (to get votes).
    Germany accepted millions of Turkish immigrants, which are notoriously nationalist and muslim integralists. Now they should deal with it. A much bigger problem than Greece.

  6. If anyone want’s to listen to the truth, then here it is. It is the minorities who are plundering our Western nations, the rich are getting richer by using them as well.

  7. I do not believe for a minute that wealthy Greeks are taxed into oblivion. Too many are not taxed at all.


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