Muslim Teacher Sends Muslim Girl Out of Classroom


According to XanthiNews, a 12-year-old Greek Muslim girl was sent out of class by her teacher because she had not learned the the Quran off by heart. The girl was also mocked by her classmates for the same reason.

The incident occurred in Xanthi, Greece and was reported by some witnesses. The father of the young girl has already sought a lawyer’s advice and asked the prosecutor of Xanthi to meet him in order to protest against the teacher’s behavior.

“Nobody, especially someone who calls himself a teacher, has the right to send a child out of school because she has done something wrong or for not completing homework as she should have” claimed the little’s girl father.


  1. Ah the tolerant loving caring religion of Islam. What happened to these people, Baghdad and Damascus were once centers for great learning, trade and religious tolerance. Today they are battlefields of the ignorant praising Allah with every shot they fire from their AK-47.

  2. As a “FOS Seismologist” I have arranged for the ground to open under your feet and swallow you and your ilk. You should like where you will be going to the lower bowels of the earth, nice and hot and filled with people just like you. Your Mullah will look like a goat with a bifurcated tail.

  3. Yes, and just the other day, there was a story of a Greek teacher who encouraged other children to slap their classmate. That teacher was what religion? Greek Orthodox. Not very Christian behaviour? But we don’t condemn all Christians because of one abusive Christian teacher, do we?

  4. You obviously are confused. The school slapping incident was disciplinary, the girl thrown out of class was motivated by religion by reason of her lack of knowledge of the Koran and probably the teacher does not believe women deserve an education. Nothing strikes fear greater to a fundamental Islamist than an educated Muslim woman. Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head in an attempt to silence her by a fundamentalist. Clearly the two incidents are in NO WAY related.


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