Swiss Government Doesn’t Accept Taxation of Greek Deposits

stournarasThe Greek Finance Minister, Yannis Stournaras and his Swiss counterpart, Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf met on Tuesday to discuss the issue of taxation of Greek deposits in Swiss banks. However, the two sides didn’t reach an agreement.

The Greek Finance Minister requested an arrangement similar to that signed between Switzerland and Britain in 2011, which imposed a one-off levy on secret account holders to settle their tax obligations.  “Greece’s bad financial situation was reversed thanks to citizens’ great efforts and sacrifices,” he said during their meeting, noting that Greeks with untaxed capital in Swiss  banks should contribute to the country’s rescue.

“Models we had earlier considered and discussed to prevent untaxed money in Swiss banks are partly outdated,” said the Swiss Finance Minister, stating that the “British model” can’t be applied to Greece. She proposed an  automatic information exchange between tax authorities at an international level.

Switzerland is a a well-known tax haven. It is estimated that Greek deposits in Swiss banks amount to 60 billion euros while German deposits reach the 200 billion mark.


  1. “Models we had earlier considered and discussed to prevent untaxed money in Swiss banks are partly outdated,” said the Swiss Finance Minister, stating that the “British model” can’t be applied to Greece.”

    Ummm, yeah, OK. And would it be inappropriate to ask why not?

    It worked for the Brits and French in reclaiming millions in lost revenues. Even the thought of naming and shaming Swiss back account holders is enough to get taxes back. But this model “. . . cant be applied to Greece.” Once again we have to accept total BS with no explanation.

  2. I can see by the long line of dignitaries and former politicians outside the Taxing Authority office the Lagarde List shamed them. Shame is not a motivator, while fear drives investment away and discourages future plans. Any suggestions how to tax them will prove fruitless as there is always another means to shelter accounts. Instead they should stimulate the economy and watch investment return.

  3. Why not? Many depositors in Swiss banks are crooks and they steeling money from their countries.The European Union must make it clear to these seniors to stop their dirty banking facilities to thieves and crooks

  4. I say shame and shame again on the Swiss.It appears that they are just as crooked as some of their depositors.

  5. Read how the the Swiss banking world was probably an extension of the Knights Templar when they were persecuted by the French king and the Church. They just took their very successful and secret banking alliance over the mountains into Switzerland instead of all being burned at the stake and it became what it is to day. Whats’s interesting is how the Templars got their fortunes in the first place during the Crusades—but that’s another story.

  6. Well, sort of. While raking in the money by selling protection to pilgrims going to Jerusalem,, they made a deal with the a Islamic authorities. They were even put up in the former temple complex of King Solomon, the Jewish king from former times. Hearing that Solomon had a fortune amassed somewhere they took to excavating the temple and guess what they apparently found. That’s right. And they squirreled it away somewhere, using the proceeds to set up a lending organization which became the first international banking system–making loans and and taking in interest. You can see why the French king eventually go jealous and had the Pope declare them heretics. That was all he needed to confiscate all their money. But they split with most of it. Some say carrying their secret trade into Switzerland–we know the rest of the story.

  7. Of course Switzerland will not accept taxation over the bank deposits they hold-that’s how Switzerland make living,Hello!

  8. Of course Switzerland will not accept taxation over the bank deposits -that’s how Switzerland make living,Hello!

  9. Swiss banks are in business to make money and protect their depositors that give them this business ,not to enable the Greek state spending.There IS such a thing as bank secret.Nobody will go against their own interest.

  10. And the deposits will flee to Aruba and the Caiman Islands.Nobody can touch any depositor savings,no matter where the money come from.Only the European communist think they can simply seize the rich people bank accounts/assets.

  11. The golden age of numbered accounts is ending though. Even US is going after offshore banking industry.

    For decades Swiss bankers knowingly contribute to tax evasion and all sorts of criminal activity. You are defending people who well know their services were being primarily used for illicit purposes.

  12. Let them flee. Those places are also being pressured into revealing the criminal activities of much of their customer base.

  13. The SWISS ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS and isn’t it interesting how the UN, The Court of the Hague and most all Gov’ts “go along” with the SWISS HIDING MONEY & MONEY LAUNDERING for the Elites, Dictators and Criminals worldwide— What a transparent SCAM and DISGUSTING people the SWISS are. They even hid Hitler’s and the SS money and GOLD stolen from Jews they sent to die in camps during and after WW2 ! — Have the Swiss no shame at all??

  14. Yes… they are using ‘double-speak” to our Spineless Greek Finance Minister who does not want to press the sacred Swiss bit-ch on why they are hiding Greek stolen money- What a FRAUD they all are!.

  15. You cheer on neo-Nazis like MSMiles then have the audacity to bring up Nazis? You lecture on atrocities committed against Jews by racists then negative stereotypethe entire Swiss population as “disgusting people”. You are sick.

  16. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THE SWISS STILL GET AWAY WITH THIS SCAM in this modern day where all is so “out in the open” to see their banking criminality !

  17. There is such a thing as a CRIMINAL NATION and it is called SWITZERLAND hidind money for Drug Lords, Despots, Gangsters, Politicans, you name it the SWISS will hide it for them..!!

  18. Absolutely the Swiss should be held to account– but the EU Commission does nothing!

  19. That’s how Al Capone made a living too but we are in the year 2014 , not 1929 you fool!

  20. You Greek hater your hate takes you completely out of our discussion.The Greeks did not ask the Swiss banks for money.They asked them to tax the fraudulent Greeks who stash their untaxed money in Swiss banks.You are disgusting.

  21. I don’t give a fig if the Swiss loose their thieving customers. The EU must stop doing business with them.

  22. You must be joking.Ted is not a millionaire.He probably is a janitor in an American finance institution and he is a dreamer.His sole past time hating the Greeks.He is more likely a Scopian bulgarophone immigrant.


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