40 Greeks Dead from H1N1 Virus

flu virusThe flu virus (H1N1) is showing an alarming upsurge. There have been 40 fatalities due to the virus, two of which were small children, while a total of 143 people appear to be infected and have been hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU). At the moment 59 people are being hospitalized in the ICU.

Furthermore, according to recent news, three more people have been admitted in the ICU (two in the Venizelio hospital in Crete and one in Sotiria Hospital in Athens) and it is quite possible that they have the flu virus. However, in order to confirm this information, the hospitals need to conduct more laboratory testing.

Experts from the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) estimate that the flu wave tends to reach its highest point and that it will gradually start to subside within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, meteorologists have predicted good weather for the next days, which is considered a positive conjuncture that will help decrease the power of the flu virus.

However, doctors indicate that obese patients or people with chronic diseases that are presenting flu-like symptoms must immediately take antiviral drugs to treat the disease without waiting for laboratory results to confirm if they have the virus.