Ryanair: Greeks, Pay for Your Chance to be Hired

RyanairIn a period of high unemployment, such as the one that Greece is going through with 60 percent of youth unemployment, the news that Ryanair is preparing to invest in it and open thousands of job positions seems almost too good to be true.

The 2,800 job positions that Ryanair has promised to offer to the Greek people concerns the long-term future, provided that the investment in the Greek market will go as expected.

What is more, the company Crewlink, will be assigned the evaluation and training of the job candidates. Candidates who will succeed in their training stage, will eventually sign a three-year contract with Crewlink and not Ryanair itself. It is Crewlink who will provide Ryanair with the airline crew needed.

After succeeding at the evaluation stage, the candidate is expected to go through an interview process and if he/she succeeds, will then attend a six-week training program at the Crewlink facility in Germany.

At this point, the candidate employee is expected to pay a mandatory 500 euros for enrollment in the training program and 700 euros for accommodation on Crewlink’s premises. Candidates who do not pass the training program will not be refunded the enrollment expense, even if they decide to abandon the program on the first day.

Moreover, the candidate employee is expected to pay Crewlink tuition fees which range anywhere from 1,749 to 2,349 depending on the time of payment.

The candidate employee will start receiving a salary after successful completion of training and official hiring.


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