Greek Civil Servants’ Confederation to Strike Next Wednesday


There’s no end to strikes in Greece. Along with the 48-hour strike that the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association has announced for Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 of March, the Greek Civil Servants’ Confederation (ADEDY) has also called strikes to protest against the government’s plans for dismissals in the Greek public sector.

ADEDY has announced a 24-hour strike for Wednesday, March 12, while on the same day, at 11am, they plan to hold a rally at Klafthmonos square, Athens, and march to the Greek Parliament and the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-Governance.

ADEDY will also hold a 48-hour strike on March 19 and 20. The following day, members of ADEDY will meet to decide future actions.

  • Leftist censorship

    Oh look. More strikes by unpatriotic leftists unionists only thinking about their own pocketbooks. Big surprise there. Hopefully they don’t resort to violence and vandalism like typically happens at these “democratic protests”.

  • The Truth is…

    Your actions bankrupt the country, your corrupt ways of dealing with the private sector deprived the country’s economy from flourishing, your corrupt methods abusing the system created a large corrupt society causing massive unemployment and homeless people, by your actions people committed suicide, by your greediness we have to pay the country’s debt which we did not caused, by your actions looting my country’s wealth you left children without food, by your actions innocent people sent to jail…You are the real cause of this country’s bankruptcy, you are the real cause for the downfall of it’s economy, you are the real cause of people’s suffering…Shame on you scum bags, shame on you, you are our society’s filth that need to be wiped-out for a better life, for the good of the country and it’s prosperity…