Huffington Post: The Reality Behind The Greek ‘Success Story’

georgiadis-Greek-health-careOn the occasion of the Greek “success story,” as claimed by Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis during his recent visit to the Imperial College in London, the online British edition of “The Huffington Post” featured an extensive article on the Greek health care system.

“During over four years of economic crisis, many Greek people seem to have developed a keen sense of farce,” mentions the author at the beginning of the article, while commenting on the events taking place during Georgiadis’ visit to London, where he was sent to “celebrate” the success story of the Greek economy — as the government wants to present it.

The author notes that the statements by the Greek Health Minister on the situation in the Greek health care system are far from the facts featured recently in the respected medical journal “The Lancet.”

“As Health Minister, Georgiadis presides over a health service that receives less public spending than any other European Union member state and the consequences have been far-reaching and severe,” said the author and added that there has been an increase in cases of infectious diseases, like HIV, malaria and TB, that around 800,000 people have no health coverage and that health organizations like “Medicins du Monde” had to scale up their operations to meet the increasing demand at their clinics.

Drawing further parallels between the statements of Georgiadis and the numbers featured in the medical journal, the  Huffington Post article revealed that “Greek people are two-five times more likely to suffer from major depression, while the number of suicides increased by 45 percent between 2007 and 2011.”

“The social cost of the welfare-state retrenchment is being borne mainly by ordinary Greek citizens. Meanwhile, Greek politicians predominantly deny that any serious difficulties exist and even attempt to discredit scientific research,” added the article.


  1. The government has made economic progress by moving us towards a primary surplus. No one is claiming the Greek economy is booming as the article ridiculously embellishes as a form of leftist political propaganda.

    Huffington Post is run Greek leftist trash. It even calls the Skopians “Macedonia”

  2. What does the Huffington Post think of the American “Affordable” Healthcare System affectionately described in the media as Obamacare? A Soros sponsored news agency is hardly worthy to be called a new source.


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