Journalist Arrested After Lawsuit by MP

    kontaraki arrestDespina Kontarakis, editor of the Greek newspaper Eleftheros Typos was arrested after a lawsuit by the member of the Independent Greeks party (ANEL), Rachel Makris. The journalist was taken to the police department in Neo Irakleio, northern Athens, while authorities are also looking for journalist Giorgos Kouvaras and the publisher of Eleftheros Typos, Alexis Skanavis.

    Despina Kontarakis was released after testifying, according to a decision by the prosecutor.

    Makris sued the journalist due to an article she considered insulting. The journalist had accused the ANEL MP of supporting the members of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party, after the release of a secretly filmed conversation between Baltakos and the spokesman of GD, Ilias Kasidiaris.

    Makris has also sued journalist Yannis Pretenderis and publisher Stavros Psycharis for similar articles.

    A video released in April 1 shows the prime minister’s cabinet secretary Takis Baltakos having a friendly conversation with the spokesman of Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris. In the video, Takis Baltakos says the prime minister is outraged with the ministers of public order and justice, who didn’t proceed with the imprisonment of all Golden Dawn members. Baltakos claimed that the judicial investigation into Golden Dawn’s action was politically influenced.

    • ali

      In Greece justice is independent of political influence.The judges and public prosecutors work hard and according to the law and Greek constitution.