Application on the Battle of Salamis

Salamis ApplicationA new application for the iPhone and iPad on the Battle of Salamis was created by two brothers Tasos and Dimitris Voulgaris, from Phthiotida in central Greece.

The creators of the successful application “Greece: History and Culture” created and launched a new application entitled “Salamis” in order to present the true story of the most important naval battle of the ancient world held in 480 BC. Dimitris Voulgaris is an archaeologist and Tasos Voulgaris is a programmer.

The developers used historical texts and archives combined with sophisticated, animated graphics in order to narrate the catastrophic encounter of Salamis that changed the course of humanity with originality. The recounting of the events and life of the protagonists of the battle, along with the graphic presentation of the battle and the 3-D display of the trireme offer the user a unique and educational experience. Furthermore, some of the illustrations used in the application were made by the renowned Greek artist Loukatos.

“Salamis” is available in Greek and in English so as to offer users worldwide, a modern way of learning the accurate story of the Battle of Salamis and the struggles of the Greeks to preserve democracy and their freedom.

The application costs 0.99 euros and users can exclusively buy it from Apple’s App Store. The application will be constantly upgraded and enriched with additional details and sections.


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