Greek-American Start-Up Makes iPhone 6 Cases

Greek Iphone 6 CasesExofab, a Greek-American company founded by George Boosalis, was only sent prototypes of the iPhone 6 from a Chinese factory just a few weeks ago. For the bustling startup, designing a case for the latest Apple device was a truly speculative, hit-or-miss venture.

Exofab’s corporate headquarters are located in Piraeus, Greece, while its U.S. office is in Woodbridge, Virginia. The company believes that it has engineered the ultimate iPhone 6 case: owing to a special outer gel, the case can stick to glass surfaces, leaving one’s hands free while taking “selfies.”

Exofab is carving out a formidable place in the crowded Apple accessory industry. The company also makes cases for Samsung products.

Next month, Exofab plans to release 5,000 to 10,000 iPhone 6 cases. Based on responses, the company may release a second batch in November. The company also offers an antibacterial case, as well as a screen protector for the latest iPhone model.


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