Georgian Inmates Cause Korydallos Prison Riot, 3 Guards Injured


A riot ensued this morning at Korydallos prison in Athens, Greece, as six Georgian inmates occupied the prison clinic after failing an attempted escape.

According to prison officials, the six Georgian inmates were hospitalized in the prison clinic. The grandmother of one of the inmates visited this morning and tried to smuggle a large quantity of drugs, but the guards took noticed of the woman and stopped her.

After that, the inmates started breaking things on the first floor of the prison clinic and a riot ensued involving a total of 25 Georgian prisoners. Three guards were lightly injured and locked themselves in a safety room to avoid the fury of the inmates. The prisoners then took over the clinic and protested on the prison conditions.

The riot squad, the counter-terrorism squad, a police negotiator and a state prosecutor arrived on the spot to restore order. The police forces entered the prison clinic and forced the inmates to return to their cells after they searched them for makeshift weapons.


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