4 Best Beaches to Escape Athens

Summer in the city, cover

While the temperature rises in Athens during the summer, a rejuvenating dip in the sea after work is exactly what you need in order to cool down. So, slip on your colorful swimsuit, put on your large sunglasses and take a break at a nearby water paradise. We have selected for you the best beaches near the Greek capital to fall in love this weekend, hidden away from the indiscreet eyes. Enjoy!

Schinias Beach

Schinias Beach

Schinias Beach provides the best alternative for those who want to combine fun with relaxation, and luxury in a friendly environment. This earthly paradise is considered to be the “Ipanema of Athens”. For several decades now, this beach has been attracting the most “active crowds” of Athens. It hosts some of the best windsurfing and beach volley events in Greece, while it is the ideal destination for sports regardless of weather conditions.

Info: Located approximately 3 km northeast from the Tomb of Marathon and about 45 km northeast from downtown Athens
Sports: Wind-surfing, kite-surfing, beach volley, catamaran sailing, rowing
The experience: Schinias Beach has been awarded the blue flag for many consecutive years.

Kavouri Beaches

Kavouri Beach
Kavouri, one of the best and most expensive places in Athens, is a wonderful seaside region that is situated quite close to the center of Athens. Kavouri beaches are very good choices for swimming, sunbathing and summer sports, like racquetball and beach volley. There, you can find local fish “tavernas” and cafes, as well as tracks for jogging and running under the pine trees before diving into the sea.

Info: Located approximately 20km from the city center
Tip: It is a must destination for the lovers of night time swimming
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Legrena Beach


Legrena Beach is located just after Charakas, on the borders of the Municipality of Lavrio. You will recognize it from the sand and its crystal clear waters that bring to mind memories of an island. Visitors may discover many caves and small coves around the beach. At Legrena you will meet 30-somethings who are looking for something different, quite a few nudists, as well as groups of students who have been left behind to spend the summer in Athens. There is a canteen in the area, as well as many “tavernas”.

Info: located approximately 63km from the city center
Tip: Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Poseidon, which is just a hop away.
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Erotospilia Beach

Erotospilia Beach

With its name literally meaning “love-cave”, this exotic beach attracts bohemian types of tourists and locals, who usually rush to this beach for a short and cool dive. This small cove with its beautiful sandy beach, its amazing waters and its mysterious caves has been one of the favorite destinations of many helpless romantics.

Info: Located approximately 43km from the city center
Tip: It is best to visit on weekdays to enjoy your own private cave
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