Podemos: ‘To Defend the Greeks Is to Defend Europe’s Dignity’

podemosSpanish Podemos party leader and MEP Pablo Iglesias said in his address to the European Parliament on Wednesday that “times change” and called on Socialists to change tactics.

“Europe is not destroyed because there are citizens that say in a referendum they do not agree with the austerity and adjustment policies imposed by the Troika,” he said. 

“Europe is not destroyed because there are governments that have the courage to ask their people what they think. What is destroying Europe is the capital’s totalitarianism and the arrogance of the German government. What destroys Europe is the inability of country leaders to defend their citizens. I make a plea to Socialists. Take the step needed for social rights and leave this cursed big alliance that leads us to catastrophe. To defend the Greeks and their government today is to defend Europe’s dignity. Times change and very soon we will be the powerful,” concluded Iglesias.

(Source: ANA-MPA)