Greek Passenger Vessel Runs Aground in Aegean Sea

Flying-Cat_TinosA passenger vessel (Flying Cat) with a total of 253 people on board ran aground off Tinos island in the Aegean Sea on Sunday, the Greek Coast Guard said.

No injuries or severe damage have been reported while an evacuation operation is underway.

The Flying Cat 4 with 239 passengers and 14 crew members, which had departed from the port of Rafina heading toward its final destination in Santorini, ran aground just outside the port of Tinos due to fog, according to preliminary information.

Fishing boats and speedboats have reached the area to help evacuate the ship, while a tug boat is on the way, local officials said.
(source: xinhua)


  1. It could have been much worse than a grounding, they could of struck a drifting boatload of “migrants”. Apparently the radar was NOT working, nor the echo sounder-depth finder and/or there was operator error. As we know the sea is filled with perils fog included, and there is little room for doubt as to the cause.


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