SYRIZA Left Platform Ready to Clash with Greek PM Tsipras

Tsipras-lafazanisThe opposing statements made on Greek radio by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his “opponent,” Left Platform leader Panagiotis Lafazanis, show that the Thursday meeting of SYRIZA’s Central Committee might end into a showdown within the ruling party.

After the interview Tsipras gave to “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Wednesday morning, Lafazanis was invited by “Parapolitika” radio to comment on the Prime Minister’s statements. The former Minister said that he was busy and did not listen to Tsipras’ interview so he could not comment.

In his interview, Tsipras indirectly accused the party’s dissidents of having a plan to come to a rift with the government line. He said that the priority of the government is to complete the bailout deal and then solve the party disputes. He also said that it is surreal that the Left Platform says it supports the government but at the same time goes against the government line on the bailout issue.

However, the Lafazanis side demand that the Prime Minister stops negotiations immediately and starts working on an alternative financial plan outside the European Union. They want an ongoing party congress so that SYRIZA returns to the agenda promised before the elections.

Lafazanis said that the party line was to stay in the Eurozone but not at any cost. He said that the third Memorandum Tsipras is about to sign goes against the party line and the Greek people who voted “No” in the referendum. When told that the referendum was against austerity and not against the Eurozone, Lafazanis said that the government signed a bad Memorandum despite the people’s mandate and the particular Memorandum will enslave the Greek people.

Finally, the Left Platform leader said that SYRIZA should unite and return to its pre-election program to abolish Memoranda. And the government should say “No” to the third bailout that would mortgage Greece and its people.

When asked if he will support the government, Lafazanis said that he would support a government that is anti-Memorandum.