Conflict Over Amphipolis Tomb Continues

peristeri-amphipolisThe conflict regarding the ancient Greek tomb that was unearthed last year in Amphipolis is still ongoing, while chief archaeologist Katerina Peristeri appears defensive. In a recent interview, she spoke about an article published in Greek newspaper Avgi, which doubted the validity of the monument’s dating.

“Time and the findings will justify my work. I can assure you that the excavation was carried out in the best possible way. Do you think we are receiving the International Archaeological Discovery Award in October by chance?” she said in an interview with Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

Peristeri also insisted that Greek Culture Ministry Deputy Secretary Maria Vlazaki and archaeologists A. Kottaridi and P. Veleni arrived in the area on May 30 as part of a “friendly visit.”

“A group of friends just visited the tomb for half an hour and then left,” she said. She stressed that the officials did not visit the monument to criticize her work. “How could they be appointed as members of a special committee that would decide about the Casta Tomb, when they have criticized my work and have repeatedly expressed their opinions publicly?” asked the archaeologist.

Furthermore, she called on Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to visit the monument, form a personal opinion and show interest in Amphipolis as his predecessor, Antonis Samaras, did during his time in office.


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  2. Find the whole controversy very sad. The archaeologists should be left to do their work and come to a conclusion regarding the dating etc. The government shouldn’t get involved and politicise the issue. Just to note that this happens after the Greek Foreign Minister’s tour of the Balkans and the attempt to approach Skopje. Even more bad work by Mr Tsipras’ government…


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