Greek Elections: SYRIZA Keeps Bleeding as Party Youth Members Withdraw Support

2355066-886x590Less than three weeks before Sunday, September 20, and SYRIZA numbers keep dropping in polls. The blows Alexis Tsipras is receiving keep coming from all directions, and they are really strong.

On Monday, his speech writer Theodoros Kollias resigned stating that SYRIZA has lost its founding ideals. On Tuesday, the SYRIZA Youth issued a statement saying they withdraw their support to the party in the upcoming elections. Also, the same day, another part of the SYRIZA coalition, the Communist Drift, left the party and will join new SYRIZA offshoot Popular Unity.

Every day that goes by, SYRIZA members are jumping off the boat as if they sense it is leaking. According to the conservative opposition, this is reinforcing the idea that the Greek Left can only denounce other policies, but is unable to govern.

Things don’t look promising for Tsipras, who only a few days ago was hoping that he would win a clear majority and form a government without the need of a coalition. But recent polls show that SYRIZA’s lead over New Democracy is at risk.

Watching Tsipras speak at the party convention this weekend, one would see something missing from the party leader: the sparkle in his eyes. The SYRIZA leader, along with one third of his comrades, seems to have lost his fire as well. Also, the once combative rhetoric has now become more staid, his promises more sparing, his attitude more compliant. The word “Left” is conspicuously missing from his vocabulary since he signed the memorandum of understanding with creditors. It is as if the visible expansion of his waistline stands as a cosmic symbol of him becoming more conservative, more complacent in his seat of power.

The SYRIZA leader has started feeling very alone. Looking at the faces in the front seats, the most familiar ones were missing. The most militant ones have joined the extreme leftists of Popular Unity. Along with them they took the false hopes their former leader was selling.

Now Tsipras has no hope to offer Greek people, the hope that was a big part of the party’s campaign slogan in January. Voters know that on September 21st, a day after they cast their vote, a barrage of taxes and cuts awaits them. In other words, there is no hope at the end of the ballot.

With the departure of the SYRIZA Youth from the voters pool, Tsipras’ chances of winning the race are getting slimmer. If the trend of withdrawals from the party continues, Tsipras will be very alone a few days before the election. His popularity is waning as days go by. His political opponents keep shouting in every tone that when it comes to signing bailout deals with austerity measures, he is one of them. Even their repeated calls for an all-party, special purpose government rob SYRIZA of its militant reputation, and its once fervent appeal to the young Greek voter.

SYRIZA is very weak and vulnerable at the moment. The “friendly opposition” of Popular Unity is doing it more damage as days go by. In social networks the party and its leader are ridiculed for the 180-degree turn from militant leftists to a more conservative, pro-euro political entity. The 20-24 percent the party gets in opinion polls is nothing compared to the 45-plus percentages they were getting just three months ago.

It is not impossible that until election day the boat might start sinking.

  • hankz

    Thank you SYRIZA for doing the opposite of what you promised in January and bring more pain and misery into our life, you stupid clowns!!!!!

  • Herm

    Looks like ND will be the winner soon?

  • Pet007

    If this guy had not done a U turn,,Greece would be stuck with more illegals who arrive from Turkey every day and would of been stuck in Greece….

  • MariaOrsic

    In the June 2012 National elections, & May 2014 EU elections, Golden Dawn was the second most popular party in the 18–34 age group, whilst SYRIZA came first, & ND 3rd.

    As the youth abandon SYRIZA they won’t switch their support to tired, old, mundane, boring, ND or PASOK which looted and corrupted Greece for 40 years, they will instead gravitate mostly to XA, PU and Centre Union.

  • MariaOrsic

    ND & SYRIZA will both lose votes to XA, PU, & Centre Union.

    ND is a spent force, in irreversible decline.

  • MariaOrsic

    Nothing distinguishes ND from SYRIZA. Under Meimarakis’ leadership ND voted in support of the memorandum that Tsipras brought back from Brussels, helping it to pass in the Greek parliament.

  • Constandinidis

    Golden dawn is a joke even if Syriza collapse they will not get more then 10 percent Greeks don’t want there policy if they did they would of loved the junta

  • Polycrates

    Only Forward? Looks to me the paunchy former PM has been living the good life a little too much for the liking of most of his cadre who are leaving faster than “Migrants” are arriving.

  • Don River

    Right, that’s why ND is ahead in the latest poll.

  • Athan Paris

    Tsipras is a spineless coward, I pray that Popular Unity Party will make a fantastic showing and be the future of Greek politics. Truly a return to the drachma will give Greece it’s sovereignty back and it’s economy will bloom in the years to come. We have faced much worse in our history, the sun will shine the next day after our Grexit, and the EU Zone will be forever damaged.

  • MariaOrsic

    The first poll to show ND ahead of SYRIZA was released September 2nd by GPO, 18 days before the election, & gives 25.3% to ND, & 25% to SYRIZA.

    On January 7, 2015 again exactly 18 days before the January 25, 2015 National election, GPO released a poll giving SYRIZA 33.1% & ND 29.4% but on election day SYRIZA took 36.3% & ND took 27.8%

  • MariaOrsic

    Despite being the ONLY political party that DOESN’T RECEIVE A SINGLE EURO in state funding, Golden Dawn has secured 3rd place at both the May 2014 EU parliamentary elections, & at the January 2015 National elections. ALL polling organizations are predicting that Golden Dawn will secure 3rd place once again with much higher percentages than ever before at the September 20 National elections, and once the grand pro-memorandum ND-SYRIZA-PASOK coalition government is announced, Golden Dawn will be main opposition party in parliament, the only clear anti-memorandum, anti-systemic political force.

    Also, lets not kid ourselves about KKE, those orphans of Stalin, being anti-systemic, after all KKE served as junior partner in a ND led ND-KKE coalition government in 1989.

  • Don River

    So what? Third place in this election is about as good as 100th place, and even worse for GD since no one will work with them.

    KKE, while in transition after the fall of the Iron Curtain, was a junior member of a junior party in two short-term governments. Then they took their ball, went home, and now they refuse to work with any other party.

    GD, like their KKE cousins, will never form the government. Stuck at 5% with no place to go.

  • Don River

    Yes, I’m aware things may change by election day. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

  • Phil

    ND was arguing for memorandum for years. It’s not the fault of ND that far right and left crazies lie to get elected by making ridiculously election promises to roll back cuts.

  • MSMlies

    THE MOST POPULAR PARTY FOR 18 – 24 YEAR OLDS IS NOW GOLDEN DAWN according to a new poll by polling organization ALCO, whilst SYRIZA languishes in fourth place!

    Google: “Ahead of Greek election, Syriza’s ‘lost generation’ deserts Tsipras”

    The Greek youth are with Golden Dawn, Golden Dawn represents the future of Greece!

  • Don River

    Who cares? 18-24 year olds don’t vote enough to matter.

  • Don River

    I don’t support fascists or communists, so the more obstacles GD and KKE have to face, the better.

  • Don River

    It’s not proof of anything to me other than a momentary snapshot.

  • MSMlies

    You are the perfect example of the shallow, immoral, manipulative rabble that makes up the “anti-golden dawn” crowd. You have just openly shown your contempt for the youth of Greece, simply because in your simple mind, their simply aren’t enough of them to make a decisive electoral difference. But even there you are wrong. As young voters flock to Golden Dawn, how will ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, KKE, replace their nursing home bound core audience?

  • Don River

    No one is flocking anywhere, and you’re missing the point. As a general rule in mature democracies, young people are more likely to support more radical causes, yet, paradoxically, less likely to vote.

    And then as they get older, they are more likely to vote, yet less likely to support radical movements.

    That’s why GD and KKE will never form a government at the ballot box.

    So your only options are revolution or merger.