Top Chinese Musicians to Perform in Greece for “The Sound of Silk”

Poster_Sound_of_Silk_lowres_AthensOne of China’s most exceptional Guzheng virtuoso, Chang Jing, together with a talented Xiao (Chinese flute) musician Zhang Di, is coming to Greece for “The Sound of Silk,” a music exchange project that is organized by Meet Culture in co-operation with Trip2taste.

The first concert will take place at Trianon Theater in Athens on October 26th (tickets and more info here), with Ancient Greek Lyre band “Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody” followedby a second performance at the Boutari Winery on Santorini on October 31st. In the Santorini event the famous world musician & Cretan Lyre virtuoso Ross Daly will also perform with together with the Chinese musicians.

Artist Chang Jing captivated the attention of the world with the beautiful melody of Guzheng, the ancient Chinese stringed instrument, as the soloist in the Opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

She also performed together with the famous Greek musician Yanni in 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala with a total audience of 700 million.

Known as “The Zheng Beauty”, Chang Jing is famous worldwide for her performance style which breaks down the boundaries of tradition and modernism in east and west. She is also the first Guzheng performer that combines vocal and musical performance.

During their journey, the two musicians will also record the first ever Chinese-Greek crossover album with ancient Greek Lyre band “Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody” that will be released both in China and Greece.

Meet Culture, an international cultural company based in Athens aiming to promote the cultural exchange between Greece and China, will film a music exchange documentary featuring their music voyage in Greece.


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