OECD: Greece Among Countries with Less Alcohol Consumption Per Capita

alcoholA recent OECD report revealed that Lithuania has the highest per capita consumption of alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, Greece, occupies one of the lowest positions on this list. Specifically, Greece ranked 32nd among the 44 countries classified by the OECD.

The report included data regarding the drinking habits and alcohol consumption of people in 44 different countries across the world in 2013, comparing with the habits the country’s residents in 2000. As far as Greece is concerned, the average alcohol consumption per capita has significantly decreased.

The top position on the list was occupied by the Lithuanians, followed by Austrians, Estonians and Czechs, while Indonesia ranked last with the lowest alcohol consumption per capita. Turkey and India were also on the bottom, since both countries have s high population of those that follow a religion that prohibits the consumption of alcohol.