Cretan Wine Makers Suffer Heavy Blow Due to Wine Tax in Greece

wineCretan wine makers are complaining that they have suffered a heavy blow due to the new special tax that was imposed on the consumption of bottled wine. The wine makers expressed their feeling in an open letter addressed to the Greek finance and rural development Ministers.

In their letter they noted that no other EU wine making country has ever had to endure a similar tax, a fact that fosters unfair competition. They underlined that “bottled wine is a product of full vertical integration thus all professions involved in the wine sector are affected, including 200,000 harvesters, over 700 wineries with over 20,000 employees and several others, who assist in the production of wine.”

Furthermore, they stressed that “the winemaking industry continues producing despite the difficulties, supporting the Greek rural economy, making structured efforts for extraversion with tangible results, creating a national identity in the field of rural economy and generally maintaining a dynamic that only a few productive sectors in the country have.”

According to Cretan wine makers, “the majority of the wineries are small family businesses, modernized through investments that had the prospect of growth before the crisis and have suffered greatly since.” They also noted that the Greek market is still their main target for production absorption, even though exports have increased in the last decade.

In conclusion, the Winemakers Network Board of Directors in the regions of Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno added their hope that “logic would eventually prevail,” leading to a solution to their problem.


  1. This major and all other majors taken by the government are caused by our corrupt past and present politicians together with their parasites from the public sector who looted the country’s wealth while we work hard to pay for their crimes, they are drinking fine wine and eating excellent food. Shame shame shame, those who caused this crisis by sending so many to their deaths by suicide should face the full force of justice if there is justice in this country.

  2. Bottled wine will be replaced by packaged and bulk wine shipped in bladder tanks for export. When it reaches the destination country, distributors will bottle and label the product entirely eliminating the domestic market. It is a matter of survival for these wineries to find a means to remain viable despite the obstacles and unfair trade restriction.

  3. competition is a sin.

    Try using a currency not issued by a privately owned bank. Euros are a private corporate currency. That’s why it’s taxed.

    Didn’t a resent EU court case prove bitcoin tax free because it’s not private.


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