Greek Gotham Art Exhibit on the Island of Mykonos Seeks to Change the Party Vibe

greek gotham

The Greek island of Mykonos is known as a party destination for tourists because of its variety of mega-clubs and large party beaches, but a new art space, called Dio Horia, is changing this by creating an attraction that has art enthusiasts flocking to the island.

From July 29 Dio Horia will host a group of American artists’ works in a group show titled, Greek Gotham.

The art space is a new venture for Marina Vranopoulou who is in charge of the 4,000 plus square feet space.

Greek Gotham will bring together 16 of New York’s most popular and current artists.

The show was created by New York-based art consultant Maria Brito, who is also curator of the show.

Each of the artists whose work is on display at Greek Gotham has portrayed in various mediums an interpretation of a Greek word.

Greek Gotham is exhibiting from July 29 to August 27 at Dio Horia on Mykonos.

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