Euromed Summit 2016 of Economic and Social Councils to Tackle Legal Migration, Women in Workforce, Climate Change

women working

On October 24-25 in Varavrona, Greece, the Euromed Summit 2016 of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions will be tackling several economic and social issues before agreeing on the adaptation of a final declaration at the conclusion of the meeting.

This annual meeting is set up to allow participants from all over Europe to come together in discussion over topics ranging from trade unions concerns, economic and social councils, social interest groups and other non-government organizations (NGOs) which are members of the Union for the Mediterranean. The summit generally sees some 100-plus participants in attendance.

This year’s summit plans to address hot topics such as women’s issues in the workforce, promoting legal migration throughout Europe, the coordination of social protection systems that are in place or need to be created and climate change.

The summit is to take place at the Mare Nostrum Hotel in Varavrona, Greece.


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