Agricultural Development Min Suggests Making Santorini Protected “High-Yield Zone” for Wine Production

dsc_1395-1024x679With over 1,200 hectares of vineyards, the Greek island of Santorini is hoping to become a new destination for wine tourism.

santorini-winery-with-grape-vinesJust a few decades ago the island had over 2,700 hectares of vineyards, and Santorini’s mayor, Nikolaos Zorzos is calling for the protection of this economic resource.

“The Mediterranean’s oldest vineyard needs protection,” Zorzos said while calling for stricter zoning laws and an organized plan for all construction at Santorini’s First International Wine Tourism Conference.

“We have 62 vine varieties and the balance between tourism and cultivation should not be upset any further,” he added.

Wine tourism could add a significant revenue to the island, generating billions of euros each year.


In response to Zorzos’ call for action, Agricultural Development Minister Vangelis Apostolou told Kathimerini newspaper that he would make efforts to improve Greek legislation in this matter and to designate Santorini a “high yield zone” in order to create laws prohibiting expansion of construction.


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