Owl Graffiti on Wall of Abandoned Building Goes Viral From One Virtual Wall to Another


Greece’s economy may have taken a downward spiral, however, graffiti thrives in the Greek capital making Athens a paradise for graffiti artists. The most recent acquisition to go viral is a work depicting the famous Owl of Athens on the walls of an old abandoned building in the city center. Created by one of the best street artists WB (aka Wild Drawing), the work is inspired by a Jimmy Hendrix quote that states: “Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.”

The famous street artist was invited to give the dilapidated building a new lease of color as part of Athens Municipality’s “The Little Paris of Athens” festival. Viewed as an ideal representation for the city, the graffiti depicts an owl that symbolizes wisdom but is also a symbol of the goddess Athena that the city is named after. No sooner was the work of art shared on Reddit that it went viral on social media.

See it up close at the building at the corner of 52 Paleologou and Samou streets in downtown Athens.








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