Veganism Mapped: Greece Joins in With 1st Vegan Life Festival


To mark World Vegan Day, the Telegraph mapped out the countries that eat the most, and least meat-eating countries in the world. The most vegetarian country was found to be Bangladesh where just four kilos of meat are consumed by an average person in a typical year, according to 2009 figures (the latest comprehensive statistics we were able to obtain) from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

This is followed by India (4.4 kg), Burundi (5.2 kg), Sri Lanka (6.3 kg) and Rwanda (6.5 kg).

The country with the highest meat consumption is the USA with 120 kg of meat consumed per person each year, followed by Kuwait (119.2 kg), Australia (111.5 kg), the Bahamas (109.5 kg), and Luxembourg (107.9 kg)

Vegans in Greece

In Greece, meat consumption is at 74.9kg per person, placing it somewhere in the middle. The first Vegan Life Festival takes place on November 5, at 100 Pireos Street, Gazi in Athens.


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